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How Your Home Benefits From a Home Energy Audit

Why go through an audit? Are multiple fixes really necessary? Yes, and you can’t imagine your savings until you see the numbers a month later!

Do you know what happens to a body when its immune system no longer detects viruses, bacteria, and other foreign antigens? It gets sick, and in severe cases, it dies.

What does this have to do with your home and saving money on your next energy bill? Well, every home needs an immune system, or something that does the job that the immune system does for our bodies. Your house needs a home energy audit!

Your Home is a System!

One thing leads to another. That’s how everything seems to work. There’s certainly no exception when your home’s experiencing some issues with energy efficiency.

If you thought that a home energy contractor would be able to simply upgrade your windows and free your home of all energy illness, you’d be sadly mistaken. Our homes are similar to our bodies — most things are connected each other.

When one system within your home is struggling, another system will quickly pick up the slack. This means that it expels an amount of energy far surpassing the norm.

Creating a Healthy, Energy Efficient Home

Your home energy problems may not be fixed in a single shot. What’s great about an energy audit is that it will identify any problem areas and endeavor to find an immediate remedy.

A leak that’s found in your home’s duct system will force your heating and cooling systems to overwork. In doing so, energy and money are wasted.

According to some energy experts, there are about twelve crucial areas in a home that can cost a homeowner a lot of money if conditions are not up to par.

Let’s take a quick look at seven of these heavy hitters.

Air Sealing: Your pocket will feel heavy resistance when your home has not been appropriately sealed. Through a home energy audit your energy professional will inspect your home’s sealing efficiency, suggest ways to fill in the cracks and holes, and make any other necessary repairs. Remember, electricians and plumbers can’t help but leave some openings, which happen to cost you more money than you’d expect.

Insulation: If the insulation in your home does not meet the R-value recommended for your location, you could stand to save hundreds of dollars a year with an inexpensive upgrade.

Radiant Barrier: Your attic could be costing you a lot of money. Similar to your car on a hot summer day, your attic can heat up pretty fast. Once your attic heats up, you can expect the temperature in the rest of your home to be similarly rising. Just as there are ways to counter the heat in your car, your home energy expert can explain ways to regulate your attic’s temperature.

Ductwork: Many homes have ductwork that distributes conditioned air throughout your home. In some cases, these ducts leak, and the conditioned air escapes before it’s dispersed through your home. This is quite a problem, and only a certified energy consultant can help.

HVAC: An HVAC system can easily be insufficient when dirt clogs the system. However, by scheduling two cleanings each year, your energy expert can keep your HVAC system up to speed.

Water Heater: A home’s water heater can take up a lot of space and can fool you into thinking it’s doing a great job when it’s far behind industry standards. Your home energy audit will show your water heater’s performance and which water heater is best for your home.

Lighting: The moment a light switch is turned on, you can begin to waste plenty of money. Although there are various kinds of lights out on the market, an energy professional can provide energy saving tips and point out the best lights for each individual need.

If you want a home energy audit, no one else can be trusted with your home’s energy savings like the certified and experienced experts at Dr. Energy Saver. Contact us today to schedule a home energy audit!