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If I Schedule A Pickup, Can I Estimate My Shipping Weight?

Using a courier service to move deliveries is a pretty standard part of doing business; however, there are some things that differ between which couriers you’re using, and when you change from being a company, or working for one, that ships only small orders with parcel couriers to those who are shipping large scale freight with trucking companies. Often, you might do both of those things with the same Miami courier service.

The important thing to know is what the company’s policies are when it comes to the information that you give them before they make a pickup on any given shipment. When you schedule a pickup, the courier company is going to have several different questions for you about your order. This is going to include the usual questions such as where you are shipping your products too, but is also going to include questions about the size and the weight of your shipment, and any special requirements that your cargo might have. Some companies will allow you to estimate the weight of your shipment if you don’t know the exact weight of your cargo, but there are some reasons to try and make that estimate as close as you possibly can.

The primary reason that accuracy is so important when it comes to trying to estimate a shipment weight is because if you are off on your estimate, you can face charges above and beyond what is initially quoted to you when you first put in the order. In turn, if you have estimated lowly on your shipment, there is another problem for you to contend with, as your account status with the courier company might affect what action they take if you haven’t given them an accurate weight.

All cargo is going to be weighed by the courier company, and if your fee has to be adjusted, one of two things might happen. If you’re an established account holder that has reliable credit with the courier company, they will usually just attach that charge to your account and bill you at a later date. However, if you’re shipping on either a one time basis or have not yet established long term credit with the company, they do have the right to hold your shipment until you have paid the corrected invoice, something that can cause your company costly delays, making it more important than ever that you take the time to accurately estimate that shipping weight.

Paul McDuffy is a consultant for local Miami delivery service and Eastern Medical Courier companies as well as international Same Day Delivery Courier Services businesses.