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Increase Your Link Pop!

There is a popular misconception that the more links you have on your site, the better off you are in terms of site popularity, link popularity, or search engine ranking. In fact, you must have quality links on your site that relate to your site’s content and link to sites that are also relevant. Link popularity, or “link pop” will increase the more quality links you have and decrease with less quality links. So how do you increase your website’s link pop?

First of all, you want to get as many of your links on other people’s sites – sites relevant to your content, or which webmasters feel will add value to their site. Non-reciprocal links will actually increase your link pop as opposed to reciprocal links because non-reciprocal links are one-way links that don’t benefit the linker. You can get these links by submitting your URL to link directories that list sites by category. If your site is listed in the directories, then it is seen as a trusted source of information, and the more links you have, the more traffic you will get, and the greater your page rank will be. If you do use reciprocal links, be sure to find quality sites to exchange links with.

You can simply seek out sites with a good page rank with relevant content and ask to put your link on their site, letting them know the benefits of doing this. If you review their site, you can leave compliments and they may want to include your comment in a testimonial with your link on it. Or you may wish to offer to advertise their site in your newsletter if they advertise your site in theirs.

Another way to gain link popularity is to write articles, blogs, and make valuable contributions to discussion forums that will lead people to click on your signature link at the end and visit your site, thereby increasing your traffic. You can submit your articles to article directories and spread your links quickly around the net, and you can visit other people’s blogs and post a comment with your byline at the end. You can also use other people’s articles or blogs on your own site if they would offer valuable content and links for your site.

Be sure to check your site’s link popularity and Google Page Rank, and don’t forget that the more popular your site, the higher your page rank will be!

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