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Install An Above Ground Pool

Obtaining an above ground pool is a much more affordable option than building a standard below ground pool. These structures come pre-made and ready to be installed right from the warehouse. Most people may prefer to consult a professional, however, there are others who wish to get their hands involved in the installation phase. It is not very hard to carry out, although getting the assistance of someone else will ensure you will spend less time installing the pool.

Prior to starting, you should read the instructions and directions that are given to you with your pool. There may be minor details that will be intrinsic to each design and pool system therefore overlooking these can be damaging to the completed project. Once you have truly fathomed all the things that must be executed, then you can use this guide as an additional aid in the basic installation of your pool. However, if you discover that you are not able to solely follow these written instructions, then referring to a video guide may also be beneficial.

Required Materials

Pre-fabricated Pool
Gorilla Pad
Patio Stones
Required Tools


To start you will need to level the ground. This is the most crucial step of the process as you cannot actually level the ground once your pool has been set up. Therefore you will need to make the necessary preparations. These include, shovelling the area and getting it ready for your concrete. Preparing your concrete. Putting a layer of sand on your newly shovelled ground. Pouring the concrete over this area and then putting in patios sized stones as levelers to erect your pool frame. Basically, shovel, mix concrete, lay sand, pour over concrete, put in patios sized stones and let set. Once you do this correctly you are already on your way to getting things done. Help at this point would be great. Additionally use a level once the layer has dried to make certain that it is indeed level, if it is not, you will need to make minor adjustments like pouring more concrete or reducing what has already been laid.
It is best that you install a section of gorilla pad. This will increase the longevity of your pool’s lining. It is made out of an especially strong material which will safeguard your pool from common elements such as rocks, grass and weeds. It is essentially resistant to damage from sharp objects. This padding will undeniably act like a cushioning for your pool. If your pool is not pre-made with this type of padding, then obtain your own and cut it to fit the bottom section of your pool.
Install your track and inner walls utilizing the manufacturer’s directions. At this point your drill, bolts and screws will become essential to the process. You may install some coving which will make installing the liner an easier task and will also safeguard the liner as well. The coving will lower the possibility that the metal in the pool will corrode. When compared to sand or dirt, cove will not be washed off and will not allow the metal to be compromised by extra moisture.
Next you may put in your vinyl liner. Allow it to attach completely to the pool by enabling the sun to totally penetrate it, you may oblige this process for an entire day and wait to full your pool with water until the following day.
The last part of the process includes filling the pool with water and constructing your pump and filtration system.

Your pool can then be utilized once all these things are put in place. However, wait a couple hours after you have dropped in the chlorine as this will be very rough on the eyes. As always ensure that small children do not swim alone, and possibly consider getting a covering to stop pesky leaves and other forms of debris from entering in your pool. Have fun and enjoy.

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