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Internet VoIP Is Answering The Call Of Telecommuting

In Fortune’s recent article discovering the 100 Best Companies To Work For, “telecommuting” was listed as one of the best perks, with 84 out of the 100 companies allowing their employees to telecommute or work at home at least 20% of the time. Because of the many benefits of telecommuting – increased productivity from employees, decrease in overhead, positive impacts on the environment – it is on the rise.

More and more companies are offering a telecommuting option to recruit the best people available in their field. With telecommuting, comes some challenges that need to be addressed in order to maintain productivity and unity as a company. One of the first issues that needs to be tackled is the telecommunications. This is where Internet VoIP comes in.

A hosted Internet VoIP PBX is a great telecommunications solution for a company looking to incorporate telecommuting. There are a number of features that make it an ideal fit:

1. Internet VoIP does not require an additional phone line. For employees that are telecommuting, they will not likely already have an additional phone line to use for business. What they will likely have, however, is an Internet connection.

2. An Internet VoIP phone used in conjunction with a hosted PBX can be moved to any location with Internet access and connect directly back into the PBX. This gives the user access to all functions of the PBX including direct extension dialing, voicemail, call transfer, caller on hold, etc. even though they are working outside of the office.

3. Internet VoIP hosted PBX systems have advanced call reporting that will allow oversight of the system regardless of the dispersed locations of employees. This way, managers can still monitor calls and productivity of employees will working from a remote location.

4. An Internet VoIP hosted PBX will still allow employees to be reached from one central phone number. There is no need to give out different phone numbers for employees that are working from home. Their extension can be assigned and managed from within the hosted VoIP PBX and they can be reached off of the main menu regardless of their location. Calls can be forwarded to the VoIP phones or some providers allow calls to be forwarded off the grid to home or cell numbers.

With telecommuting on the rise, there is a call for quality, business grade telecommunications solutions that will fit the needs of these companies with employees working from home. Internet VoIP is answering the call.

Brandi Armstrong is an expert author on the unique issues facing businesses today and how technology can help. Click Internet VoIP to learn more about using it in your business. Or for a FREE Consult on the best VoIP solution for your business, visit a leading consultant for Internet and hosted VoIP solutions.