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Is Motorbike Breakdown Cover Available?

Many people are aware that there is car breakdown cover available through their insurance policy but few realise the same service can be available for motorbikes. This is an important option to consider when searching for insurance since it helps keep you protected in the event you possibly have a breakdown in some remote and lonely place.

If you have any experience riding a motorbike, you know that you will eventually come across some mechanical problem that may leave you stranded on the roadside. Therefore, consideration for obtaining motorbike breakdown assistance may be one of the wisest choices you make when applying for cover.

Just like any car motorist who encounters problems leaving them stranded on the roadside, motorbike riders also can face the same set of circumstances faced by car drivers. A motorbike battery can fail, you might experience running out of petrol or possibly puncturing one of your motorbike tyres.

If you do not possess breakdown cover from your motorbike insurance company, not only are you at the mercy of whomever you can find at that particular point in time to come help you, it may also turn out to be a costly affair. You should always inquire of any potential motorbike insurance company asking them the following questions:

1. Will the cover be specific to the motorbike or will it also cover the policyholder?
Obtaining a good policy should indicate that you as the policyholder are covered whether you are riding your own motorbike or someone else’s. However, this may require a multiple bike riding amendment to your policy clearly defining that this will be awarded in any breakdown cover.

2. Is cover afforded to each family member or partner?
If the motorbike is used by many members of the same household, it would be clearly inconvenient if the need existed to purchase multiple policies to cover breakdowns. You will be presented with several options that may include vehicle breakdown cover regardless of who is riding or the listing of individual members of the household who would be covered in the event a breakdown occurred.

3. What is the procedure to follow if the motorbike does breakdown?
In the event that the motorbike does breakdown, you need assurances from the company that you can ring a professional call centre where you receive prompt and courteous assistance that will help you get through what is going to be the most stressful moment of your day. Make sure that these assurances are in place that will arrange for you to receive the assistance of qualified personnel to deal with the situation as soon as is humanly possible.

4. Where will the motorbike be taken?
Make sure that you take a good look at your recovery cover. Most policies indicate that your vehicle will be towed to the nearest approved garage or to your home if it is not too far way. The maximum distance should be outlined in the policy. Some comprehensive policies allow for the delivery of a vehicle for repair to any requested destination despite how far away it may be.

Breakdown cover is important motorbike insurance, but you must always make sure to read the particulars.

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