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Is Pool Deck Resurfacing the Best Option For Me?

When it comes to creating a backyard getaway, many homeowners must choose between costs and their favorite pool deck design. Previously, homeowners were met with limited options; due to financial concerns, they only had concrete or colored concrete to choose from. Up until recently, the best looking pool deck surfaces were too expensive for the average homeowner to afford. Thanks to concrete engineering advancements, more choices are now available.

Properly engineered concrete or a polymer and concrete mixture can be used to transform a pool deck into a beautiful backyard getaway; the one the owner envisioned in their head not the one they “settled” on because of costs. Many products are available for pool deck resurfacing and they are easy to afford; so much that the homeowner can do the repairs themselves thanks to quick drying times.

These products are also known for freedom and flexibility too. For example, a homeowner can mimic the look of stone from concrete by utilizing systems that allow for the stamping or tracing of a stencil. If the pool deck area was previously known for its slipperiness, slip resistance can be added. As technology continues to improve, more companies are offering the products you need at an affordable price.

A pool deck resurfacing project is ideal for concrete surfaces without any big structural issues, like large cracks or holes. To get started, the surface should be prepared with a buffing; this buffing will enable the resurfacing material to better bond and then the polymer and concrete mixture is applied. With some systems, you apply the material with a trowel, but others may require it to be sprayed on. What is ideal about spray-on resurfacing systems is that they self-level; this means you don’t have to smooth the surface during the setup process.

Concrete resurfacing projects are popular because the products are strong and durable; they are designed to withstand UV exposure, high temperatures, humidity, and normal wear and tear. Moreover, these products are designed for pool areas, meaning they are designed to withstand years of coming into contact with pool chemicals, such as modern salt-based systems.

Adding flair to a pool area with resurfacing is a popular trend that continues to grow due it is ease and affordability. It is cheaper to install a standard slab of concrete and then a thin layer of artistic design rather than do all the work on that slap from the beginning. To help pool owners save money, most experts recommend a pool deck resurfacing project to save their customers both time and money.

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