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Island Home Destroyed by Fire

Just over a year ago a terrible fire destroyed the home of a couple living on Anna Maria Island in Florida. In the middle of the night, Pa and Kent Davis were awakened by their fire alarm system and barely escaped their house, which was already ablaze as they ran across the street to get help from their neighbors. If not for their home alarm equipment, they might have perished.

Pa, from Thailand, is quoted by the Anna Maria Island Sun Newspaper as saying, “I don’t know how long it was burning. I could hardly see anything. You just run for your life. We knocked on the neighbors’ doors. I dialed 911 and handed the phone to my neighbor because I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t even remember my address.”

This neighbor so happens to be my sister, Lauren, and her husband Colin. One can only imagine Pa and Kent’s terror, because when I first heard my sister describe the event with her being only a witness, it was shocking how much she was affected as a bystander. She described it as life changing.

Pa is also quoted as saying that their home’s smoke detectors were interconnected, so when the first alarm went off, they all went off. Having their fire alarm system set up this way may have saved their lives. It’s worth monitoring how one’s detectors are set up in any home if one wants to hear one’s alarm system right away.

As stated by Deputy Fire Marshal Kurt Lathrop, “We got the alarm at 2:22 and the first engine was out at 2:23.” However, no fire trucks arrived on the scene for close to an hour.

The deputy went on to say that “The roof and garage were completely involved, and when the fire made entrance into the attic, the high winds off the water pushed it through the attic. Once that happened, we went on the defensive mode and didn’t allow any firefighters inside, so they wouldn’t be put at risk, and we worked to save the houses next door.”

A total of five units from all three West Manatee stations and Longboat Key responded, but that wasn’t enough to quench this blaze. A lot was at stake related to this fire, and a lot was lost, and according to my sister, mistakes were made by the fire companies. More details to follow.

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