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Joomla! Helps Business Connect On The Web

As a web developer, you already know how awesome Joomla! is. You know that there are many free Joomla extensions that are easy to integrate and use for your website and building websites for your clients. Wait, you DON’T know how awesome Joomla! is or even WHAT it is? Alright then, Joomla! is a open source content management system for managing content on the World Wide Web as well as intranets.

It was designed to be user friendly and has become a dynamic force in website development. With new extensions coming along everyday and older ones being constantly updated, it is easier than ever to find the one that performs the job you need to help your websites stay above the competition. One of the best things about Joomla is its ease of use.

Due to the multitude of web-page designs and websites interconnectedness, it has become vital for your site to be able to communicate and manage your web content quickly and correctly. You can train your clients to be able to handle the simple maintenance and management of their site. You can add extensions as the site needs to be updated without extensive downtime and site disruptions.

Joomla was launched on September 16, 2005 and has gone through multiple upgrades and new versions. The open source allows developers to have the ability to fix potential flaws in their code. End users can inform developers about bugs and problems as they occur and the developer can quickly change and correct their codes to fix the issues. Social networks like Facebook and MySpace, Blogger and LiveJournal are an important part of developing a brand and promoting a website. Search engines need to be able to detect your site and your updated content.

Content management means that you are controlling the information that is being displayed on the Web about your company, at least as much as you can. Having an interface that is user friendly and being able to communicate with your clients and their end users is vital to the success of your business and their presence on the web. If a customer cannot contact you or your clients to leave feedback, positive or negative, it makes a lasting impact that you don’t care. Not caring about your customers is the kiss of death because it is harder than ever to build loyalty. They would rather walk away than deal with a company that demonstrates lack of caring and leadership.

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