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Keeping up with Cellular Lease Management Updates

If you have been approached by a company or you are considering leasing your property out for a cell phone tower lease, there are some cellular lease management updates you should know about what goes on when negotiations take place and when offers come in. If you are the land owner who has been approached, your goals of course are to maximize your revenue from the deal and minimize your obligations as well. There are some factors that you should take into consideration for these deals to achieve those goals when you talk with a carrier or with a vertical real estate company.

The first cellular lease management update you should keep in check from time to time is the location and topography of your land. A carrier will want to hold an investigation of the site to determine how feasible it would be to put a tower up. Most of the time, a suitable site will be about 2,500 square feet in area with land that is flat, has few natural barriers and is easily accessible.

Be sure that you are familiar with any local ordinances that are in place to be sure that you will even be permitted to put a tower up on your property. Many municipalities require that the land owners get a variance granted (or at least an exception granted) before construction of a cell tower is in place and before a lease is signed. If you will need special approval for cellular lease management updates to go through, the lease agreement should have the carrier be the party that is responsible for getting all of the necessary permits.

Usually, the standard cell phone tower lease will last for a time period of 20 to 25 years, although this can vary. Some of them consist of five year installments, in between which different terms can be negotiated and cellular lease management updates generated. Many landowners hope to negotiate terms in the contract that will increase the rent payments over time. The amount of rent that is to be paid to a land owner varies a lot from one site to another.

Usually people can earn between an average of $700 to up to $2000 per month from these agreements. What determines the value of the payments is the size of the property, the demand for construction of a tower in the area, if any alternative locations are available or not, and if there are any potential alternative uses for that property. Some landowners make even more rent by negotiating co locators, which is when more than one company uses a single tower. This would also require cellular lease management updates.

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