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Key Points to Appreciation of Ruby – Point 1

Ruby seems full of magic and most people like to own. But many fake items flood the markets which make us dazzled. Which on earth is the best one? How to appraise ruby becomes the hot topic among people. Now follow these points to find the real ruby belongs to you.

Point1. Line of Descent Traced Through Ruby

Difference from diamond, ruby’s mining, processing and sale have no world monopoly. Its mining may be run by different, people, companies and places. Therefore, there is lack of statistics on ruby resources, and two mainly concentrated regions are known so far, one is in Southeast Asia and its surrounding areas, the other is East Africa.

Place of origin of the highest quality rubies – Myanmar

As we all know, Myanmar is the best ruby original place in the world. The local resident in Moge of Myanmar found ruby occasionally about the early 15th century, and until to the mid 15th century, Myanmar began to a large scale exploitation of ruby. The north area near the Moge contained untapped quantities the most famous pigeon’s blood ruby of the world. Ruby found here have a common character that is “red with a blue more or less”. Ruby continued to be found in this valley for centuries, but the production has been depleted. Nevertheless, the ruby here is still the best quality in the world.

The largest ruby’s production base – Thailand

Thailand was ever the origin of ruby and its saturated ruby color once about the same with Myanmar, but the resource and production are weakening. At present, although Thailand is still the number one supplier of ruby in the world, ruby produced mainly from Myanmar and Cambodia. These external ruby raw materials, after processed in Thailand, enter into the market.

Important ruby origin place – Cambodia

Ruby in Cambodia mainly produce in the Pailin area where is near to the Thailand. The ruby produced here are very similar to the Thailand and mainly base on red brown and mauve that contains higher iron.

Ruby’s home – Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon)

This place which is one of the most famous ruby produced areas produces a large number of ruby, and known as the “gem city”. Ruby in Sri Lanka is peach color with slightly purple.

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