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Knowing Pilates’ Short History

Pilates is a popular form of exercise that results in rock-hard core muscles, better posture, and increased flexibility. Pilates may be done with a use of a mat or you can use a lot of complicated apparatuses too. Although it has become a part of mainstream fitness over the past ten years, pilates has been around a lot longer than that.

It was a German named Joseph Pilates who developed this series of exercises for the purpose of rehabilitation in the years 1920’s. This was due to all the illnesses he suffered as a child. He developed this in the belief that he can encourage physical and mental aspects to heal the body itself. Thus, Pilates method has been crystallized. In 1926, Joseph Pilates came to New York City, meeting his wife Clara along the way. He and his wife opened a new exercise studio in New York. His first students were all soldiers and dancers who need rehabilitation. The classes were assimilated inside specialized studios with Pilate’s equipments.

Several of Pilates’ students became teachers of Pilates and teaches his methods instead. These students who became know as the the elders are the ones carrying out the legacy that Joseph left behind. A few students followed exactly the teachings that Pilates had intended while others got some ideas and had their own version of it. The end result is the two types of pilates exercise, classical ands the contemporary.

Up to this date, Pilates have evolved even further. Many classes today are learned with the ideals and philosophies of Joseph Pilates but not using the Pilates equipment nyc. Pilates mat classes are a popular choice for may celebrities and other people who are seeking for physical wellness. Another classes like the yogalates is also being developed. Yogalates is a combination of yoga and pilates. The two uses its own principles and combines them together as one.

Joseph Pilates passed away leaving his teachings of physical fitness, but his legacy will never be forgotten. He has also written two books during his lifetime describing his philosophy and methods of teaching. His first book is the ‘Your Health: A Corrective System of Exercising’ that Revolutionized the Entire Field of Physical Education’ was published in 1934. In 1945, his second book, Return to Life through Contrology was published. Modern day instructors teaching pilates mat classes nyc can look to the written history of Joseph Pilates to gain insight and refine their teaching methods.

With all the health benefits provided by using pilates equipment NYC, it is well worth the effort. You will find a variety of pilates mat classes NYC to choose from. Making a commitment to pilates means taking the first step toward a firm, lean body that is strong and capable.