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Mitragyna Speciosa commonly known as Kratom is a South-East Asian medicinal plant, found mostly in Thailand and Malaysia, containing psychoactive substances such as alkaloids which are known to produce intoxication for few hours upon consumption in any form. Although the plant has a disputed legal status in few countries, it is considered as a form and option for Legal High in most European and American countries, where it can be ordered online from our website. The alkaloids present in Kratom, give it an opiate property, due to their similarity in structure and function to the alkaloids present in codeine and hydrocodones.

You must be wondering what an opiate is?
An opiate is a medicinal alkaloid compound derived typically from opium plants which act as an excellent drug for treating the withdrawal syndrome in Narcotics or Drug abusers and addicts. An opiate tends to bind in the same receptor as the illegal drugs or narcotics, thus giving an addict a similar psychological and physiological effect, as the illegal drugs or narcotics. For ages this has been believed to be the most popular cure for drug addiction. Unfortunately the opiate, in spite of its less harmful effects compared to the conventional recreation drugs, has addictive properties along with a withdrawal effect.

Are there any alternatives for an opiate?
The best alternative for an opiate comes directly from nature in the form of Kratom, a non opiate psychoactive herb. But similar to an opiate, even Kratom is believed to have some withdrawal effects, in long term abusers and heavy users, which are generally mild and non life threatening.

Where does a Kratom Tree grow? What does it look like?
A Kratom tree grows in the Temperate Rain forests of South East Asia which includes Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia among others. The condition best suited for the growth of Kratom Tree is moist or wet fertile land with decent exposure to sunlight in an area protected by strong winds. A Kratom Tree can reach up to a height of 10 meters or approximately 33 feet with dark green leaves and a cluster of yellow flowers.

What are the popular means for consumption of Kratom?
Kratom leaves can be chewed directly or dried and then consumed. They are also available in the form of the tablets or capsules in the market. Sometimes the leaves, stems or bark of the plant can be distilled in water to extract the alkaloids for having a better desired effect. Unlike cannabis and other Herbal Smokes, Kratom cannot be used for smoking as the alkaloids present in Kratom are destroyed at higher temperature making it useless.

Where to order Kratom?
You can order Kratom directly over the internet. Perhaps the best internet Kratom Seller is our website.

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