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Learn About Potting Benches

A potting bench is a sturdy table that stands about three feet high off the ground. This furniture piece is used for primarily potting plants. They have storage compartments like cabinets and drawers. You can use these storage areas for supplies that are related to your potting activities. They are not always only used for potting purposes, but with a little imagination have evolved into other uses. Their multifunction use makes them meaningful assets.

Uses in Gardening

When it comes to gardening, potting benches are an absolute necessity. It affords a table top work space dedicated to potting plants. It contains shelves, storage space for tools, containers and all materials you need for your activities. This allows you the space to perform all your potting activities. They are designed for ergonomic work. So when shopping for a bench, make sure it is your fit; like any good work bench. It should have all the secondary storage area and spaces.

A perfect style is one that is custom built as you can decide what you will use it for. They also represent good storage areas for your potting soil and seeds. Besides potting, potting benches can be used for seed starting activities. Located in a sunny area, they can be used to start seedling when the temperatures warm up during the spring. Finally, they are also great for storing some of your outdoor tools. Install hooks on one side to hang up some of your hand tools.

Back Yard Uses

Potting benches being wide and sturdy tables can also be used for entertaining. They can double as a serving table. Purchase a vinyl cover that matches the occasion you are celebrating and cover the potting table. They can also store your charcoal for your grill and dog food in the closed cabinets. The bug repellent sprays and sun screen lotions can be stored here for convenience.

Shopping for Potting Benches

Most of them are made of wood. Choose one that is resistant to exposure to the elements. The best woods to choose from are cedar and pine. They can be kept natural, stained or painted. Potting benches can be purchased at garden supply stores or online. If shopping online, make sure to include the shipping cost as part of your budget. If such furniture piece does not fit within your budget then use an old table.

Once you add one to your gardening repertoire you will wonder how you ever managed without one.

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