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Learn Drawing Step By Step & Develop Your Personal Style

You will perhaps find that as you learn to draw gradually, you will develop your own individual drawing style quite naturally. Your traits are distinctive, you look at things differently to how others do and the muscles in your hand are different to anyone else’s. So in a similar way you might not be able to evade developing your own style.

Developing you Own Drawing Style

If you feel that you don’t have your own drawing style then try working out with a variety of styles, techniques and media uptil you find a style or an amalgamation of styles that befits you.

You can find examples of other artists’ work on the internet or at the library. As you become less concerned about your method and you achieve the position where you can just draw you will develop you own style quite easily.

That said, it is important to be versatile as an artist so you should aim to have a plethora of multiple styles in your gamut. Don’t limit yourself to only one style as this may make it hard to get commercial drawing job and you will perhaps get uninterested.

It is significant not to compare your way of drawing to that of other artists, as there will always be someone ‘better’ than you and someone ‘inferior’ to you. Get inspiration from others, but do not compare.

Developing versatility in drawing

Besides for honing up an individual drawing approach, it is always advisable to have flexibility in your drawing to help keep you stimulated and to ensure that your job is worthy to be marketed should you desire to draw from a commercial point.

There are different methods to bring more versatility.

First is inspiration: You must familiarize yourself to as many diverse drawing techniques as you can by glancing at art books and screening exhibitions amongst others. You could also join classes from diverse teachers as each teacher has their own style of drawing and teaching which they will pass on to you.

You could also be your own drawing coach and set yourself different jobs with different purposes, aimed at different audiences. E.g., you could task yourself a project in which you illustrate a nursery rhyme, or design a painting exhibition poster, or develop a book cover design. This will offer you with practice and subject for a collection if you do want to move into commercial drawing.

You must ensure that you continually challenge yourself by educating to draw diverse themes, utilizing numerous media and different techniques. Possibly browse through websites and organizations that market the work of illustrators to see what clients are looking for so that you can hone up your techniques in the right way.

All these combined efforts will finally guide you to learn step by step your own drawing style. So don’t wait any longer and begin today! Begin following these steps and drawing tips, better your drawing abilities and develop your own drawing style. Begin today and soon you’ll recognize: results are rewarding.

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Written by Ruediger Schmidt

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