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Learning How to Build a DIY Solar Water Heater

When you install your own DIY solar water heater, you could obtain a free energy audit so you could see around how much you would save each year on power bills. You can do an audit yourself or have someone do it for you, but you need to answer some specific questions first, such as:

1. Is it going to be extremely difficult to lay ducts or pipes from the lowest part of your home to the highest part of your home?

2. Will you need to knock down any walls or pieces of wall in order to do this?

3. Is there going to be enough room in the lowest level of your home for a storage tank, and if there is, how are you going to get it in there?

4. Can you get to your roof easily enough to install a solar panel, and if you can’t do you have the right site on the ground for it?

5. Can you make sure your collector’s supports will be securely fastened so there will be no future problems with stability?

6. And finally, is the final product going to be appealing to the eye once you’ve finished?

In order to make your solar water heater work optimally:

7. Find “true south” and turn the solar panel to face it;

8. Aim the panel at a right angle facing the sun;

9. Be sure to keep the panels out of the shade, especially during peak heating hours (9am and 3pm);

10. Be sure to have some form of backup energy in case something happens and you can’t harvest enough energy to sustain;

A correctly installed solar water heater should last for at least 15 to 20 years! Another perk from solar water heaters is that they are less apt to need maintenance than regular water heaters.

Although the task may seem daunting at first, it isn’t that difficult to build one of this system. All you need is a little patience, detailed instructions, and a little extra money. When I say a little extra money, it means just that. It’s surprising to most people how little outlay it actually takes to build their very own DIY solar water heater. Now that the world is finally seeing it’s effect on the environment and everyone seems to be ‘going green’, it only makes sense to help the cause by doing what you can to become more energy efficient.

It especially makes sense for people who are becoming more energy efficient in other ways throughout their home to build a DIY solar water heater first thing. As soon as you realize heating water is one of the homes’ largest energy users, you can save time and money by building the water heater first, thus reducing a significant need for energy. In essence, you will save yourself more money than you will ever spend on building your solar heating system and you will be thankful you did it when you’re delving in the benefits for years to come.

Explore the highly recommended DIY solar water heater site that provides you with wealth of information on how to build this useful system at home. Learn how to build your own build solar water heater today; master the true knowledge of saving electrical cost.