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Learning More About Auto Insurance In Missouri

If you are a first time buyer of auto insurance in Missouri, there a few things that you probably should be aware of before you just go out and buy yourself an insurance policy.

The state of Missouri requires by law, that if anyone owns any type of motor vehicle that they have the minimum amount of liability place upon each vehicle that they might own. Unless you have proof of insurance, you will not be allowed to register the vehicle.

Liability insurance is the type of insurance that covers the other person when you and/or your vehicle have caused property damage or bodily harm of any kind.

The minimum amount of coverage that you are allowed to have for auto insurance in Missouri is 25,000 dollars for the death or injury of any one person involved in an accident. 50,000 dollars for all those in any one accident. You are required to also carry 10,000 for property damage caused from any one accident.

You are also required to carry a minimum amount of uninsured bodily injury insurance which would be 25,000 dollars for death or injury and 50,000 dollars for all people in any one accident.

Despite being the fact that it is a state law that you must have auto insurance in Missouri, it is also wise because it protects you, the driver from, being sued without the protection of the insurance. At least with the insurance the burden of a lawsuit will be lessened and generally people who are insured are looked upon with less harshness than those who are not insured. And this could make things go a bit smoother if you have insurance than it would without the coverage.

You also should be aware that if you are caught driving without auto insurance in Missouri you will have your license suspended up to a year. The first time the reinstatement fee is 20.00, the second offense it goes to 200.00 and a third offense goes to 400.00.

So it is a wise thing not just for you but for your financial well being to make sure that you at least have the minimum amount of insurance placed on your vehicle if you are wanting to keep your license and don’t want to be stuck with the entire bill in case that there is an accident. It better to be safe than to think it will not happen to you, because you never know when even the simplest fender bender will strike.

Getting the most affordable auto insurance in Missouri is a snap! MO teenager car coverage information is available anytime online!