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Link Directory Submitter 3.0 Review Of This SEO Software

Finally released for the public, the LINK DIRECTORY SUBMITTER 3.0 (SEO SOFTWARE) is available for sale. We tried it on a couple weeks period and also noted that the acceptation rate was the same as if we submitted our site 100% manually.

Everyone that does a little bit of SEO knows it, the Link Popularity of a site (the number of times a link that brings to a particular site is found on the whole net) is the most important factor taken in consideration by the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing to determine a site’s rankings. So the more times the search engines robots (Googlebot for Google, Slurp for Yahoo etc…) will find a link to your site on the net, the higher you will rank (apart if those links all come from the same domain, from blacklisted sites or linkfarms).

Knowing that the best way to obtain quality links is to submit your site to the thousands of private web directories existing under the right category.
But the problem is that if you do it manually it takes an enormous amout of time to submit your site to those directories (by writing on a text file your site’s details such as URL, description etc… and pasting them in the correct fields of the directory submission form one by one).

What takes A LOT of time is :
1 – To find the directories
2 – To navigate to the correct category
3 – To find the right submission page
4 – To fill-in 1 by 1 the fields of the forms with your site’s data
5 – If the directory requires a backlink, you have to copy the link code, paste it on your site and upload it on your server…

This process easily takes between 5 and 10 minutes per directory… Well with the Link Directory Submitter this time is reduced to approximately 10 seconds per directory only !
The software:
1 – Has a database of over 2700 pre-loaded directories (from which the half is composed of sites having a pagerank between 4 and 8)
2 – You enter ONCE your site’s data and the software will fill-in all the fields of the form AUTOMATICALLY and even pick the correct category for you. (handy feature)
3 – It’s sold with a little script to upload on your site before starting to submit so everytime a site requires you to place a link to them on your site in order to accept your submission, you will only have to click a button ONCE to have the link placed on your site’s “partners” page in approximately 1 second only (this is an amazing feature that we all dreamt of when submitting to directories, now it exists and is included in all the Link Directory Submitter installation folders).

You’ll only have to press the “submit” button and enter the captcha image (if there is one) to complete the submission. The fact that you press the “submit” button everytime guarantees that the submission is seen by all the directories as manual and 100% ethical to totally suppress risks of harming your site’s rankings by being seen as spammer.

By increasing the rate of directory submissions at such a phenomenal rate, in one hour, you can easily have done nearly 200 submissions.
We also were very impressed by the quality of the sites listed in the software and loved the fact that itdoes not contain FFA pages or Link farms.

The programmers of this unique tool took a process that is usually accomplished in MONTHS and whittled it down to something that can be done in a few HOURS or DAYS.

We can now say that the Link Directory Submitter is an excellent software that helps any site owner to get hundreds of backlinks a lot faster than if done by hand without having any negative effects at all or risking to get banned from Google for using one of those automatic spamming softwares like other “black hat” tools sold on other sites.
It is “MUST-HAVE TOOL” for every site owner aiming for high rankings no matter the niche or keywords targetted.

You will find on the bottom of this page the link to the site where the Link Directory Submitter 3.0 (Updatable Version) is available for the price of $39. It iis normally sold at $97 dollars and if you want to Master Resale Rights, this will cost you $279 … But a smart guy bought those rights and is giving it away for less than 50% of the price it is actually sold for on the creator’s website : nothing wrong with that it’s 100% legal and the software is EXACTLY the same as the one you can get for nearly $100 apart from the price that is only $39.

To get the Link Directory Submitter, go on and start using this directory submitter to higher your site’s rankings in no time.