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Liquid Liquor And Solar Panels To Provide Cheap Electricity

Progress towards a low-cost electricity from solar panels, as well as large investments in wind energy, energy storage will require an intelligent way. According to studies at the University of Linkoping, who published in Science, the battery of biological waste from the pulp can find a solution for mass distribution of clean energy. A cheap alternative energy from organic solar cells based on conductive plastic, which reached a sufficiently high performance in an industrial scale and to become competitive in the market. This should be a new opportunity to increase Erneuerbare Energien Stellenangebote.

In conventional metal oxide batteries hold charge. Materials such as cobalt, precious and limited resources, therefore, low-cost solutions are sought, preferably based on renewable materials.
“Nature has solved the problem for a long time,” says Olle Inganas, professor of biomolecular and organic electronics at Linköping University and lead author of the article in Science, which was released this week, science.
He found inspiration in the process of photosynthesis in which electrons are charged with solar energy are transported quinones, electrochemically active molecules based on benzene rings, which consists of six carbon atoms.
Inganas chose raw brown liquor, which is a byproduct in the manufacture of pulp. Brown liquor consists mainly of lignin, biological polymers in plant cell walls.
To use quinones as carriers in the batteries, Inganas and his Polish counterpart Grzegorz Milczarek has developed a thin film of a mixture of pyrrole and lignin derived from the liquid brown. The plate, 0.5 mm in thickness, is used as the cathode battery.
The goal is to offer ways to store electricity from renewable sources, where it is produced without the construction of large nets. In some countries, significant investments are projects where the basis for taking wind energy. Meanwhile, the performance of low-cost organic solar cells has now reached a critical level. Erneuerbare energien stellenangebote – it is a new market of green jobs.
The research team from the University of California at Los Angeles recently announced the achievement of used more than 10% of the sunlight that is able to absorb.
For Inganas, who for many years conducted research on organic solar cells, the efficiency of such batteries is enough to begin industrial-scale production of this technology.
“Now we need more research into new energy storage devices based on cheap and renewable raw materials. Lignin constitutes 20-30 percent of the biomass of a tree, so it’s a source that never ends.” These are the words of the scientist, as contained in the conclusion of the article Inganasa.

Written by Max Neugebauer

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