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Live Video Broadcasting Software TikiLIVE

Fully Loaded Live Video Broadcasting Software
Although user friendliness, reliability and bandwidth are important factors to consider when using live video broadcasting software, you also need to consider the features that come with it. Believe it or not, features can make or break video broadcasting software. Different companies and individuals are going to require different features. Knowing this, Eyepartner has developed programs such as TikiLIVE and The HD Wave Broadcaster which are loaded with features to accommodate the many different companies and individuals using video broadcasting software. This article will discuss the many features that accompany each type of software and explain how it will benefit you.

TikiLIVE: TikiLIVE is a cost effective platform that utilizes the best live video broadcasting software around. TikiLIVE allows users to upload, store and manage videos and channels users to create video content for niche marketing. In addition to broadcasting videos live, users can record them simultaneously. Afterward, you can save, view, edit or archive it for future viewing. Users can create multiple channels to accommodate multiple audiences and build interactive broadcasting network communities. Videos can be displayed in High Definition or Standard Definition. Users can also create schedules for shows and even set pay per view prices. In addition to all these features, users can white label every aspect of their account.

The HD Wave Broadcaster: Another live video broadcasting software option available is the HD Wave Broadcaster. The HD Wave Broadcaster enables users to stream any component of desktop in High Definition or Standard Definition. In addition, users can stream tournaments, concerts, movies, demonstrations, product overviews and a variety of other live events. Users can stream your live and recorded events to IPTV networks. The HD Wave Broadcaster users can create pay per view programming and stream any application to any viewing device. From videos to web pages to games to audio, users can stream any media to any media output device. The HD Wave Broadcaster streams both HTML5 and Flash, allowing for optimal viewing for any device.

Great live video broadcasting software cannot function on features, user friendliness, reliability and bandwidth alone. These aspects must work together to provide users with the best possible video broadcasting experience. Although it may be difficult and daunting task, you should do your best to thoroughly research the software before you commit to it. If the software does not meet your needs then you can choose another one. Good luck and have fun streaming your videos.

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