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Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

The term male hormone is the synonym for testosterone. This hormone therapy may as well be called testosterone hormone replacement therapy for men. Both men and women have testosterone but men have higher levels. A higher testosterone level is what is responsible for making men taller, heavier and stronger than most women. It is also why men have facial hair and women do not. It is also men who suffer most when body reduces the production of the male growth hormone. This is why the Hormone Replacement Clinic has developed a male hormone replacement therapy that is the ticket to better health for men.
The treatment for this condition may seem as easy as visiting a pharmacy and purchasing a packet of male growth hormone. This is however not the case. In the initial weeks of taking the male growth hormone you will get great results. However, the body will start reacting to the male growth hormone by converting it to estrogens which are the female growth hormones. A problem will ensue when testosterone and estrogens counteract each other. The individual in question will start experiencing unusual tiredness, occasional impotency and excessive water retention along with brain fogginess.
This male hormone therapy has often been administered along with Arimidex which is a common prescription drug that is an aromatase inhibitor. Its purpose in the male hormone replacement therapy is to block the conversion of testosterone to estrogens. The result of this hormone therapy is increased testosterone and inhibited estrogens production. Still, there is a significant downside of this hormone replacement therapy for men despite the inclusion of Arimedex; shrinking testicles. The testicles are responsible for the production of testosterone and therefore once the body has detected that it can source this male growth hormone from a different place it greatly reduces the rate of production of this growth hormone and consequently the testicles will start shrinking.
To avert this embarrassing scenario the male hormone replacement therapy from the Hormone Replacement Clinic now comes along with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). hCG has several stimulatory functions. First it will act as to convince the testicles to continue producing the male growth hormone, secondly it will serve to increase your adrenal function thus positively impacting your well being and third it will increase your libido.
Our hormone replacement therapy for men is thus threefold ensuring that you get so much more than just testosterone. Other benefits you stand to gain with this hormone therapy are lower cholesterol levels, improved moods, protection against heart diseases and better lean muscle build.
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Male hormone replacement therapy provides the best medical advice about hormone replacement therapy for male, which helps to lose weight, build lean muscle and improve the sexual performance of male.