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Manage Your Holiday Party Planning

It’s August in Los Angeles, so your main focus is probably preparing for your children’s return to school. But in a little more than two months, the holidays will begin–first with Halloween. Then the family gatherings will begin shortly after that.

There’s a good chance that you will be hosting at least one party in the coming season, but with all of the other things you will have on your plate, it’s hard to imagine how you will juggle it all. The stress of just thinking about it may put you off the idea of throwing a holiday bash of any kind.

But take it from someone who traditionally throws a Christmas party and loves putting on Thanksgiving, amidst all the other demands of everyday life–there are strategies you can employ to make your holiday hosting smooth and nearly carefree. Let me give you some advice.

First, designate the area in your home in which you plan to hold the festivities. That may be the backyard, the living room, the dining room, or the den–it just depends upon what type of ambiance you are going for.

For example, an open-house venue may be best placed in the dining room and kitchen where you can set up a buffet for guests to self-serve at their convenience.

The point of making this decision is to allow you to be selective about where you clean. If necessary, you can partition off other areas–like hallways and bedrooms–that guests should not see.

But if you are in a new home or are expecting guests that have never visited before, they will most likely hope for a tour, in which case it would be perfectly appropriate to hire help for a top-to-bottom cleaning.

Make a shopping list well in advance and visit a warehouse store to purchase food items in bulk if you are planning a larger-scale party. Appetizers and sides can be easily handled by making such purchases so your cooking responsibilities will be minimal.

For many holiday parties, a ham or turkey is standard, but for a more informal fetes, providing cold cuts or other premade main courses is not a bad idea.

You may feel daunted by the prospect of post-party cleanup, but just as you can call in Los Angeles cleaning services to help in the preparations, you can also hire a maid for the express purpose of making your home spotless despite the aftermath.

Remember that the ultimate purpose of a party is to have fun and enjoy camaraderie with friends and family. Now that you have a few months to think about it, you can relax and be totally prepared.

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