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Mindset for a Successful Online Business

Your mind is a very powerful instrument. What you process through your mind and how you process it, produces the success (or lack of it) in your life and in your online business. Thoughts are what bring about ideas, motivation, behaviour, action and results. Although it can’t be measured precisely, success is probably 80% what you think and 20% what you do. So it’s VERY important that you work on that 80% of your life.

The first step that you MUST complete is to take FULL responsibility for all of your thoughts, actions and results. Anything less is a cop-out and is just an excuse for your failures. Take note that I am not saying that you are to BLAME… only that you need to be accountable for where you are in life. If you don’t take this important step, you will just continue to blame circumstances, events, other people, luck or fate for your lack of success. Your lack of accountability will continue to hold you back for the rest of your life. Decide NOW that you will turn this around.

Your beliefs are the building blocks of your life. The thing with beliefs is that they are absolutely TRUE for the person that believes it. If you believe that you can’t create success on the internet, then you are right, you won’t have success. You can CHOOSE the beliefs that you want to adopt. Don’t choose beliefs based on if they are true or false. Choose beliefs that are RESOURCEFUL for you and what you want out of life.

Focus is the key ingredient to success. Luckily for all of us, we have complete control over what we focus our minds on (although most of us don’t exercise this control on a consistent basis, me included). When you focus on something, you create pictures of that in your mind, and if you add emotion to this picture as well, your mind gets busy trying to create that for you (it doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative, your mind will act on those pictures faithfully and try to create it for you). So if you consistently focus on creating a hugely successful internet business and add positive feelings, your mind will help you get it.

OK, let’s move onto goals. What you need to do is spend the day deciding exactly what it is that you want for your life and your online business. Get a pen and paper, sit down and write everything down in specific detail (even if some things seem ludicrous and out of reach). Now refine all of this into a goal statement and read this out ALOUD every day, at least twice a day. Visualize having all the things on your goal statement, add positive emotion to it and really get excited about it. This is how the human brain and mind operates and this is how successful people do it.

Finally, take action, keep taking action, refine those actions and take more action until you reach your goals. Taking action brings out a power from you that you don’t realize you have. Taking action allows you to refine and improve as you go. It’s always better to take some action (even if it’s wrong) than to stand still… at least you can get on with the job of making it better.

Make the commitment to changing your life. Be one of the 5% of people that make it big in Internet Marketing… and focus on the 5% that make it, not on the 95% that don’t. Keep in mind that practising the above tips for 30 minutes per day and then doing the opposite for the other 16 waking hours will sabotage your efforts, so consistency is the key. Never underestimate the power of YOUR thoughts… they can make or break your success.

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