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Mini Bathroom Sinks – Perfect For Small Bathrooms

Many older homes have small bathrooms and even homes with newer construction often have second or third bathrooms which are much smaller in size than the master bathroom. When the space available to place a sink is at a premium for a bathroom remodeling, mini bathroom sinks offer the perfect solution for both style and saving space.

Often a very small room that currently features an oversized sink that overwhelms the space can be transformed into a much more attractive space that allows for better traffic flow and movement by replacing that large unit with a mini version that doesn’t mean any sacrifice in quality or luxury. A professional contractor or remodeler can take inventory of the space available and the current positioning of the sink to make recommendations about installing a more compact version that will not only save space but also give the room a more balanced appearance.

Pedestal mini bathroom sinks are very popular among contractors faced with remodeling a very small bathroom. Pedestal mini bathroom sinks add the look of luxury yet are very affordable as well as available in a variety of materials and colors, including ceramic, marble, granite, glass and stainless steel. Because the pedestal style of mini sink doesn’t require a vanity, its space needs are minimal, making it the perfect sink selection for a small bathroom.

Another clever space saver when it comes to selecting a mini sink is the corner sink. Like the pedestal model, this style fits snugly into any corner of the room and comes in a variety of colors, including traditional white and black. The corner sink is also constructed using a variety of materials ranging from ceramic to stainless steel. Most versions don’t allow for storage of supplies and toiletries underneath because they are wall mounted rather than being attached to a vanity unit.

But corner sinks are also available as an entire vanity to accommodate storing towels, soaps, shampoos and other items used on a daily basis in this room. The wide selection of affordable mini sinks available in the marketplace today can accommodate homeowners who want a more old-fashioned, Victorian style theme as well as those who prefer that their remodeled bathroom be much more sleek and contemporary.

Mini sinks can also be custom ordered for special design needs. If there are smaller sinks that appeal to a homeowner, each can become distinctive by installing the unit with custom or unique faucets to carry through a particular theme in the room.

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