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Mortgage Call Capture System Do Ad Tracking Too

Many mortgage brokers will integrate a mortgage call capture system into their marketing in the coming months. They will plan on using it to increase leads and develop mutually beneficial relationships with real estate agents in their area. However, what many brokers don’t realize until after getting their system is that it is also extremely useful for tracking their advertising.

Most mortgage call capture systems come with mirrored extensions. This means that when a recording is made in one extension, that recording will be copied into a number of other extensions at the same time. Now the mortgage broker, as well as the real estate agents they are partnering with, can advertise that property in different places and be able to see where the calls are coming from and therefore which ads produce leads.

So for the property on Main Street, for example, the agent makes an exciting recording for the property in extension 100. That recording is then copied into extensions 200, 300, 400 and 500 on the mortgage call capture system. The agent then uses extension 100 on the sign rider, 200 on the flier, 300 on their website, 400 in a Homes magazine and 500 on a postcard.

When people call for more information on that property, the mortgage call capture system will keep track of which extension they called on and hence which ad they responded to. At the end of the campaign, or even mid-campaign, the agent can run reports and see which advertising is producing leads. Then it is just a matter of getting rid of the ads that are not working and doubling efforts on those that produce quality leads.

Other data worth tracking within the mortgage call capture system is which real estate agent is producing the most leads. When a mortgage broker develops a partnership with a real estate agent that brings in a lot of leads, obviously they would want to make sure they are tracking that. Then that relationship can be further developed and maintained.

Other helpful information includes what demographic area people are calling in from. Many mortgage call capture systems come with the ability to capture the name and address of the callers along with the caller ID. Armed with this information makes not only follow up with the caller more personal and targeted, but if data shows that people from a certain area are responding to a particular ad, they can be further targeted with similar marketing.

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