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Mortgage Call Capture Works With FSBOs Too

Mortgage call capture can be a great way for mortgage brokers to both increase sales leads and make connections within a community. The mortgage lead capture systems, which involve the recording of client inquiry information for later callback, can be a great investment for brokers looking to place themselves on the leading edge of providers in their area. How the system is used will greatly determine the level of success a mortgage broker experiences with it.

One of the most important facets in the effectiveness of a mortgage call capture system is understanding just how it can be put to use best. Often, this is done by expanding the base system users. For example, a broker may choose to offer the use of their lead capture system to a real estate agent. This allows both the agent and the broker to benefit – the agent receives lead capture services and the broker acquires advertising space and marketing data. One area that is often neglected by mortgage brokers, but that can also be a viable way to create new community connections, is offering the use of a mortgage call capture system to an individual or family selling their home for sale by owner (FSBO).

Often, those selling their homes FSBO can run into the problem of getting the word out. Print advertisements can assist in this, but listing a home number can result in unwanted or uninterested calls at all times of the day and night. A mortgage broker can offer someone selling their home FSBO the use of their mortgage call capture system for free to both increase the number of leads generated and to do it in a safe and secure manner. The homeowner gets the ability to record and capture caller data, and is protected under the 90 day business inquiry rule should they choose to call an interested party back.

In return for offering these services to a homeowner for free, a mortgage broker gets not only the opportunity to market their services to a new set of clients, but also the chance to determine who in the area is interested in purchasing property and may be looking for a mortgage in the near future – effectively generating new leads for free. While the mortgage broker will foot the bill for a mortgage call capture system, what they may potentially reap in both branding and networking opportunities can often outweigh that cost.

So long as an FSBO homeowner is approached correctly, a mortgage broker should encounter no difficulty in convincing them to try a mortgage call capture system for free. In addition to appearing professional and generating more leads than they could have on their own, the mortgage broker can place the client’s ad in Homes magazines and most importantly on a sign in front of the house. The ability of most mortgage call capture numbers to support multiple extensions allows homeowners to have a separate extension for their information off of the main 1-800 number line.

Mortgage brokers sharing their mortgage call capture technology with FSBO homeowners can help both parties, giving sellers the ability to appear serious and professional, and providing mortgage brokers with access to new markets and leads.

Brandi Armstrong is an expert author on how technology can help businesses get ahead in today’s competitive marketplace. Click mortgage call capture to learn more about using it in your business. Or for a 15 Day Free Trial visit, a leading provider of call capture systems today.