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Need More Sales? Provide Your Visitors These 10 Rarely Used Bonuses

If you want to turbo boost your sales, then this might be the most important article you’ll ever read.

The simple proven tips that I have laid down in this article will get you truckloads of sales and profits instantly – Guaranteed.

Here’s the reason. If at all you come up with a killer bonus idea using the 10 bonus tips I have laid down below, your product sales will shoot up through the roof.

If you want to boost up your conversion rate, then I urge you to read this article — immediately.

Now you can own some killer tactics that will charge your website to pull in more sales and cash instantly.

Here are 10 bonus ideas that will sky rocket your sales counter right off the charts…

Bonus 1 – Provide First Hand Information.

Give customers e-mail alerts about critical information or product releases before your non customers find out about it.

This will force them to stay on your list and also increase the response rate of your announcements.

Bonus 2 – Provide Discounts on Related Products.

Allow your customers to get lower prices on your products and other related products other businesses sell.

Discounts on related or complimentary products can help increase your product sales.

Bonus 3 – Provide One-On-One Training Session.

Set up a date and time when your customers can call up and talk directly with experts that are related to your industry.

Providing one on one support is very rare to see in this World Wide Web. Using this feature alone can boost up selling power of your website.

Bonus 4 – Organize Customer Events.

Give your customers private invitations to customer events that non customers cannot attend.

Organize such customer events to train your customers on a specific area. This will not only act as a valuable bonus but also help you to win confidence of your existing customers where you can easily sell backend products.

Bonus 5 – Publish Online Rolodex of Valuable Resources.

Compile a list of web sites or online contacts that are related to your product.

You could publish it on CD-ROM and mail it to your customers as soon as they place order. This will act as a valuable bonus offer.

Bonus 6 – Old is Gold.

Bundle together some older information that’s no longer available. It could be e-zine back issues, articles, transcripts, etc and provide it as a valuable bonus package to your customers.

Bonus 7 – Provide One-On-One Training Package.

Give your customers unlimited consulting with their purchase. Providing one on one chat and email support will also act as a valuable bonus.

Allow them to contact you by e-mail, phone, fax, in person, etc.

Bonus 8 – Provide Audio/Video E-zine.

Give your customers an advanced version of your e-zine in online audio or video format. Non-paying customers could only get it via e-mail.

Bonus 9 – Start an Online Discussion Board for Your Customers.

Offer your customers a message board where they can announce freebies they offer from their web site.

Customers can participate in the message board and interact with each other to increase their skills.

Bonus 10 – Barter Discussion List.

Offer your customers the option of joining a barter email discussion list. They can barter goods and services with others. Everything you may have heard about increasing your sales might be true.

But this article has shown you some killer ways to get those customers to your website and get them to buy your product right NOW.

There’s never been a better time for you to get started, than it is today!

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