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Never Neglecting Your Lawn

The state of your lawn is one of the first things that visitors will notice when they make an assumption about who lives in your home. You want this first impression to be the best it can possibly be.

However, when you step outside in the spring after the snow has left, you may be a little discouraged. Your grass probably looks like a mashed, bedraggled mess.

There are several things that you should never do to your lawn that will help it stay looking nicer much longer. The first thing that you should never do is forget about, or neglect, taking proper care of the soil.

It is often very easy to forget about the soil because it is hidden under the grass, or at least it should be. However, the soil is critical to the health of the grass.

It is the source that provides the nutrients and a way for the roots to obtain water. Without it, the grass would not grow properly.

If your lawn is simply struggling to look good, you may want to get a soil test to see how many nutrients are actually in the soil. If your soil is bad, there is nothing you will be able to do to the grass to get it to look good until you have fixed the soil.

The best way to fix poor soil is to use a little fertilizer. A little fertilizer goes a long way with a lawn.

Too much can overwhelm the grass with nutrients or bury it so that it has difficulty getting sun. At that point, the fertilizer may make your yard muddy and difficult for children to play in.

The second thing you should never do is mow your grass too short. Mowing is a chore that most abhor.

As a result, you may want to cut your lawn slightly short so that you do not have to mow it quite as often as is currently necessary. However, this could put your lawn in danger.

Grass cannot be cut down to the ground and then be expected to grow back full and strong. In addition, very short grass is an invitation for weeds to infiltrate among it.

Avoid weeds and a hurt lawn by mowing the grass tall enough that it will not struggle to grow. Never cut your grass too short.

The third thing that you should never do is forget to mulch. Lightly mulching your lawn in the fall can help prevent your lawn from becoming muddy.

It can also help you fertilize the soil as it decays over the winter. Mulch can also prevent weeds from growing and it can discourage insects from eating your grass.

The fourth thing you should never do to your lawn is water too much. How much you should water your lawn is a very fine line.

You do not want to water too little or too much. When you water the lawn too much, the soil becomes saturated and then there is nowhere for the water to go.
The water then creates a very wet, mini-marsh like atmosphere that encourages fungi to grow. These fungi will be harmful to your lawn.

For most lawns in most areas of the United States, the grass will only need an inch of water per week. To keep track of how much you are watering, you may want to put a rain collector on your lawn so that you know how much you have watered your lawn throughout the week.

This will also count how much water the law is receiving from natural rain fall. This way you will not water your lawn too much.

If you forget to water, do not worry. Most lawns can survive with beautiful color for weeks if they are properly taken care of.

The fifth thing you should never do is forget to de-thatch your lawn in the fall and the spring. Thatch is the thick layer of stems, roots, and shoots of grass that fall on the surface.

It is usually identified by areas where the grass is extremely thick. Thatch can be remedied by a combination of aeration and raking.

Be sure to take in the spring to clear out these dense grassy areas, even if there are not leaves on the ground. Thatched areas make your lawn look uneven and can damage the health of the roots as the layers can become really heavy.

By taking proper care of your lawn and not neglecting it, it will grow into a beautiful masterpiece. You will not be ashamed to have an outdoor party with your friends.

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