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Nightmare on Article Writer’s Block

Article writing is becoming one of the top ways to market your online business today since the search engines are looking for good quality, keyword rich content. But what happens when you can’t think of anything intelligent or useful to say and are suffering from the writer’s block blues? Here are a few tips on how you can overcome your writer’s block and produce quality articles just when you think you’re fresh out of ideas:

One way to conquer your writer’s block is to visit discussion forums on the topic or subtopics of your website. Discussion forums are an amazing learning resource and support network of like-minded folk who can help you, teach you, mentor you, and guide you with a wealth of information that you may never find anywhere else. If you are stuck for words, there is always a topic that will inspire you on a forum and fill you with new and creative ideas!

You can also do more reading to learn something new. Read books, ebooks, or other people’s articles, blogs, or newsletters. These sources are packed with information waiting to be used in your next article! It is important to keep up with changes and new developments within your topic of interest. Anytime you learn something new or something has changed, you can turn around and use that information to your advantage by including it in a new article!

Another technique is to take some of the larger articles you’ve already written and break them down into smaller subtopics, focusing on just a piece of what you have discussed before. For example, I have written an article on first steps for new affiliates to start an internet marketing business, and I could take one of those steps and create a new article just covering one step!

I have found it useful as well to write about the programs that I am using, following, and learning about myself. For example, I am using the Plug-in Profit Site to build my business, and I could write an article on how the program works, or on how one aspect of the program works!

If you still aren’t coming up with any good ideas, you can step back and take a look at your life, what is happening in it, and what lessons you have learned that you can apply to your next article idea. How do you feel? Are you a discouraged newbie at internet marketing? Write about your experiences! What challenges do you face on a daily basis to keep your business afloat? Write about them! Also listen to what other people’s concerns are, say in one of the forums you visit, or even your friends and family! Write about how your friends set up a savings plan for their child, and how the same technique can be applied to saving for your business!

It also helps to write about what you are passionate about. Hopefully your business is all about what excites you and what you love. When you enjoy what you are doing the ideas tend to flow. If they don’t, I would suggest brainstorming to come up with ideas and jot them down during the day so you can use them in your articles later. Don’t forget that sometimes you just need to clear your head, take a break, go for a walk, and when your mind is most clear, that is when the best ideas suddenly come to you.

If all else fails…If you really don’t know how to write, or what to write, you can always hire an article ghost-writing service to write your articles for you! Easy as pie!

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