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Norton: The Free Security Software You Need

Computer viruses are becoming so hard to battle. The more the technology becomes booming the more these viruses become more notorious. That is why these viruses are hard to handle.

Data in your computer run a great risk of being infected by these viruses. The malicious software that enters your computer without your notice will eventually destroy all your stored entries in your computer.

It will make your computer function slowly; you can no longer appreciate the benefits of your computer if you have it in your system. These are the most reason why you should purchase a program that will eliminate or prevent these viruses from entering your computer. How are you going to eliminate those?

It is so easy; there is much online software that you can use to avoid your computer from being infected. These programs must be of high quality to eliminate these irritating viruses in less than no time. The software is called anti virus.

Anti viruses are very specific programs that have all the needed tools to eliminate and prevent the entrance of different viruses to your computer. You only have to choose a kind with positive reputation. If you are looking for a good brand, you must try using the Norton anti Virus Software.

Norton anti virus software is the most famous brand for malicious software removal. When you talk about anti virus program, this will be the first brand to come in your way. The anti virus program becomes famous because of its affectivity. Aside from this, Norton is easier to use compared to other anti virus software.

It will take longer time to install the anti virus software but that user-friendly features of this program will be worth the wait. Most of the security test proves that Norton is one among the most effective security software available now.

The previous version of Norton AV has earned VB100percentage rating in the last sixteen-window test. It has received an award from VB100 ICSA in 2005. It has also passed series of tests in West Coast Labs.

Norton has the specific feature that scans download in all the search engines and applications over the Net. One of its most effective features is the segregation of the infected part downloaded from the safe data.

It will not show over your monitor and it will not download on your computer unless in has undergone filtering process in the hard disk of the CPU.

It also has this adware and spyware detection tools that will filter all the sites infected by those. It blocks the particular website before they enters your computer system.

Norton anti virus security software is free. There are many websites over Internet that gives free download of this particular software. However, you do not have to expect too much from the free download because some may offer a portion of its program only.

You need to spend more money to purchase the whole version of Norton anti virus software. Be patient enough and search for websites offering free downloads of the complete Norton anti virus system. You can use all the available search engines to help you locate the free download centers of this anti-virus software.

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