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Nu Skin – Information about Nu Skin

Nu Skin was founded in 1984. For more than 20 years now, the company has strived to develop products in the areas of dermatology, ethnobotany, cosmetics and nutrition that helps people live better longer. One of Nu Skin’s founders, Blake Roney, is Chairman of the Board. Roney oversees Nu Skin as one of the most successful multi-level marketing businesses in existence. Nu Skin intends to act as a force for good by directly allowing employees to thrive in business and a work culture of high integrity. Products from the Nu Skin line are sold in at least 48 markets in America, Europe and Asia. Nu Skin’s other top management include a retired senator, lawyers, and other successful businessmen and women who have proven themselves in the direct selling area.

Since the early 2000s, Nu Skin has been heavily involved in humanitarian efforts and charities. The company has received numerous awards over the years, like, recognition as the top personal products company by the Wall Street Journal and one being of the top 10 employers in Shanghai. Other awards include the American Business Award for Corporate Responsibility, and numerous awards in the Best of State division. Clearly Nu Skin has thrived as a company over time with solid products and a firm business marketing model.

Worth more than 1 billion dollars, Nu Skin has approximately 750,000 independent sales distributors that sell product directly to individual consumers. Sales distributors also recruit other Nu Skin distributors and receive bonuses accordingly and discounts on products. One of Nu Skin’s newest, most popular product lines concerns its anti-aging solution spa products. Nu Skin also offers an innovative scanner that reads the level of antioxidants in a person’s skin. Based on those results, a person’s general health can be examined. Nu Skin is also a leader in antioxidant supplement production and sales. Nu Skin also offers innovative bandages that help heal the body’s skin while protecting it from debris and infection.

Nu Skin stays active as one of the top direct selling businesses. Nu Skin is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. Company experts and executives speak at various conferences across the world every year educating attendees about innovative products and technological advances. Other ongoing humanitarian efforts include the Nourish the Children program to address world hunger, and various foundation partnerships to address conditions like epidermolysis bullosa. This condition involves a genetic skin disorder that causes mostly permanent blisters and sores over most of the body.

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