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Online Reputation Management Services

An often overlooked part of a company’s Internet Marketing and public relations strategy is that of Online Reputation Management. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a sophisticated system of processes that work together to increase the rankings for websites based on relevant keywords. SEO is driven by relevant content (articles, blog posts, press releases etc) to increase the relevance of the website specific to the keywords targeted in the content. SEO is a continuous, ongoing and never ending process simply because the websites are competing with each other for the coveted top positions. Those who are actively engaged in SEO, generally through a full service Internet Marketing Company, are well ahead of the game due to the fact that they are competing effectively everyday through the development, addition, indexation and syndication of great content.

What if you have not engaged in SEO and you become aware of negative comments, false comments and even smear tactics. What do you do? Online Reputation Management Services provides solutions to this dilemma by putting in place a well crafted process to either eliminate, confront / refute or effectively compete with the negativity.

Negative feedback or interactions with any number of online communities can come from a variety of sources, none of which might be controllable at their point of origin. For example, an employee who has been let go and feels indignant about his or her separation, might attack your company in an online chat forum. If it is a popular site, such as Facebook, these inflammatory comments may show up first on a browser search for your company’s name.

Reputation Management Services serve to effectively address any and all online activity that negatively affects your reputation and keep your business looking good. While SEO is the proactive and better choice over the long haul, when negatives occur online, you have little choice but to address it in a reactive way with Online Reputation Management Services.

Word of mouth used to suffice for positive reviews and referrals to companies and their products or services. Person-to-person contact and a handshake were as good as it got for reputation and public image. Nowadays, anyone with online access and an opinion can talk about you, your company, your products, services, reputation, personnel, policies or even your locations and buildings. They can talk about the quality of cafeteria food or their experiences with your 401(k) program…all with no input from you until after the piece has been published and propagated across the Internet. Competitors can use the Internet to bring down your reputation, through bogus negative reviews, or disparaging remarks made in public forums.

Get started with SEO if you haven’t experienced online reputation management issues yet. Hire an Online Reputation Management Services company to go on the offensive to address immediate and painful negative posts, comments and worse.

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