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Online University in Trinidad Adopts a Variety of Teaching Modes

Since it saw the daylight, distance education has been always surround by the salvo of criticism that has successfully given birth to and nurtured myths and misconceptions. With the passage of time, the thick layer of wrong notions has slowly eroded and it has given rise to the popularity of distance learning courses in Antigua as well as in almost all the corners of the globe. Some are still of the strong view that the students do not need to put hard work to acquire degrees through the distance learning mode. But as the time has been rolling on, distance learning courses in Antigua have earned cordial welcome and open acceptance.

The emerging demand for higher education and shortfall in supply has pushed the popularity of distance education to new high. As internet has stepped into the field of education, distance learning has become more accessible than ever. Online learning has successfully added a new dimension to the distance learning courses in Antigua with a perfect packaging of more flexibility, quality and affordability.

An innovative and more convenient mode of learning is the highlight of an online university in Trinidad. Though online education methodology differs a lot from one institution to another, still all of them possess a common quality and that is a unique system of interaction. Synchronous mode of learning, commonly referred to as live mode, paves a way for instant communication between the guides and students as well as among the students too. Many an online university in Trinidad has adopted this method to impart education. The major advantage of this facet is that all the students have simultaneous access to the delivered information. It is also a great facility for them to exchange the views with the fellow mates and interact with the teachers. Such a system is also advantageous to secure an instant feedback regarding the students’ performance and building up an increasingly expanding community of the learners.

The synchronous mode of learning in an online university in Trinidad also has disadvantage. With an impressive and improved way of interaction, such format is quite like an conventional education system with the prominent exception of non-existence of the brick and mortar classrooms. So the students are not free to make plans about their schedules and they have to adjust themselves to the per-determined schedules of an online university in Trinidad.

Asynchronous system of learning is quite opposite to the online live study mode. It is popularly known as store and forward mode of education. An online university in Trinidad that has embraced this technique of online learning does not proffer the facility of sharing the information instantly. A student communicates with his teachers and the other learners by sending emails or posting messages on the bulletin boards. It is the most popular mode of learning as far as online education is concerned due to the provision of more flexibilities to the students. Many an online university in Trinidad prefers to stick to this format as the students prefer it more as they can plan their schedules for training. This mode has its own set of disadvantages as the students lack motivation in absence of disciplines. A mixed learning mode has also been introduced to filter the advantages of both formats. With three types of online learning facility, distance learning courses in Antigua has become an appealing approach to higher education.

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