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Personal Injury Lawyer, One Decision, Various Cases

There are times when people have a slip and fall injury, and through no fault of their own, are hurt pretty badly. This is the time they need to seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer because if a business was negligent, then they need to pay for the medical costs and damages done to the individual. There are two types of people who sustain injuries either out in public or at a friend’s home; one is the type that will just let it go and forget about it and the other is the type that will take the responsible party to court to pay for the damage they have caused.

A personal injury claim is what is filed through the court system by an attorney on behalf of the injured party. If a person is walking through their local big box store and an employee just mopped the floor but forgot to put out a yellow warning sign, then the big box store is negligent for any injuries an individual suffers when they fall on the wet floor. There are some attorneys that will also sue the employee because it was technically their fault, but the most money to be won in a case like this would come from suing the big box company and not the poor employee.

Some injuries are so traumatic, they cause a person to become a paraplegic and brain trauma which is sometimes irreversible and leaves a person a shell of their former self. An individual who suffers such a tragedy could spend the rest of their lives in a nursing home style care facility or a rehabilitation care facility When such an awful accident happens, someone has to be at fault so the attorneys go to work and make a case against whoever they feel is at fault.

Some attorneys will only handle motor vehicle injury cases because there seems to be a clear cut ‘villain’ or person at fault in most cases. Many times the attorneys will rely on the testimony of witnesses who can speak for those who have been injured and will continue to suffer for a long time. An injury from a car crash can last several years or several weeks, it is all dependent on what type of injury a person sustains in the crash and how their body is in the first place.

People who sue others because of their injuries are not out to get rich. This is a misnomer that many people think. They are simply trying to get what is rightfully theirs and what they deserve. They did not ask to fall or be run over by a car. They want the other party to pay for the damage they suffer and that is typically their medical costs and sometimes their pain and suffering.

Those who have been injured in a slip and fall type accident or a car accident must realize that a lawyer will receive a portion of any monetary winnings awarded to them. Typically, the lawyer will get about 33 percent of the winnings to cover their costs and the court costs. This amount is taken up front before a check is made out to the injured party. Usually, the injured party is still going to receive a very large settlement, depending on the degree of negligence and the amount of pain and suffering they have endured.

The injured party in a case involving an accident or even if the other party was negligent, must wait until they are absolutely sure they are better before signing any papers stating they are done with treatments and are willing to settle. There are some injuries that last a long time. These types of injuries should be addressed frequently and through a professional doctor. The patient should not be released until they are certain they are well enough to return to normal duties and only then could they settle with an attorney from the person who caused the damage.

Personal injury lawyer for various cases will hopefully garner one decision, a favorable one for their client. No matter how the client became injured, if it was through no fault of their own, then someone else is to blame and must be held responsible for any medical bills and damages. Damages could include pain and suffering which might be emotional distress over the entire ordeal. People who sue are only trying to get what is rightfully theirs, they are not ‘money hungry’ or trying to cheat anyone, they are only doing what they believe is right.

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