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Pool Renovation By Experienced Designers Transforms The Landscape

Swimming pool renovation by experienced landscape architects transforms the existing size, depth, and appearance of existing swimming pools. Pool geometry, along with its horizontal and vertical measurements, will often change drastically. New surface areas are typically added as well, including high-grade coping and tile work to spas, water jets, and new surrounding hardscape structures.

This degree of overhaul not something the average pool contractor wants to mess with. There are too many control grade factors to contend with from a conceptual level alone. Pool contractors prefer to bring an existing design to a property and build new structures from the ground up.

Landscape architects who are expert in pool renovation work from an entirely different frame of reference. They approach swimming pool renovation with the intention of creating better landscape architecture by introducing a new pool design that more appropriately compliments home architecture and provides a better aesthetic linkage to divergent landscape elements.

In order to accomplish this, landscape architects begin the design-build process in the backyard itself. There are simply too many factors that go into swimming pool renovation to approach from a drawing board perspective. Whereas pool companies plan new structures in an office and bring these plans to the client to choose from prior to build out, landscape architects do something completely different.

This examine every detail of the property, letting landscape itself speak to them in order to gain a new vision of what they are developing as one of the major focal points of outdoor living and recreation. Taking this approach ensures that any swimming pool renovation they complete be balanced and in harmony with its surroundings.

Beginning the design process onsite has other advantages beyond the aesthetic. There are many challenges that face the team each step of the way. Trees, utility lines, existing hardscapes, foundations, and drainage systems all have to be worked around during in a major landscape design-build such as this.

Tree preservation is one very vital aspect of the work. Root systems grow deep underground and fan out in every direction from tree trunks. Landscapers simply cannot start digging out the far end of a pool without first making certain that no major root systems are present in that location. If they are, pool renovation teams must either expand the pool in a new direction, or develop a means of changing its shape and size without harming the tree.

Drainage systems and utility lines must also be respected. There is almost always something buried in a yard that professionals have to work around. The city of Houston does not appreciate it when you cut their gas and power lines-and homeowners do not like it either when they power or gas in your home as the result of clumsy swimming pool renovation techniques.

Many different approaches can be taken here to protect buried utilities and tree roots, but these steps must be taken in a very calculated and measured way and never impulsively chosen and rushed. Hurried jobs by busy pool companies almost always result in some kind of damages that cost the homeowner additional and very painful expenses.

Being able to make immediate course corrections to the design plan whenever obstacles are discovered is a key ingredient to the success of the project. Developing workarounds without altering the ultimate intended outcome is a skill possessed only by a select group of experts in the landscaping industry.

A solid knowledge of hardscape design also helps these experts to devise innovative methods of changing pool elevation and grade. Sometimes raising a patio or coping may allow them to make the pool deeper without having the lower the shell to a depth that is either impractical or unsafe.

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