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Prenuptial Agreements: Not Just For The Super Rich

Prenuptial agreements seem to be only suited for the upper echelon, super-rich of the world…that is if you believe everything you see in the movies. Prenuptial agreements are for everyone, even the newly engaged 20-somethings who are embarking on their first marriage.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

The 20-somethings of today who are marrying are our country’s future. They are tomorrow’s Fortune 500 CEO’s and lottery winners. They are the inheritors of today’s strong, structured family businesses. Prenuptial agreements are essential to our younger generations.

Who do you think is going to lead the world of tomorrow? Who will be the president 30 years from now? Who will be the next superstar actors and actresses? Who will be the Top 10 musicians of the billboard charts in 15 years? 10 years? 5 years? Next year?

The answer to this question is that sweet kid from down the street who has a wonderful personality, killer good looks, and a beautiful voice. The answer is you.

Does your family own a business? Any business, even if not incredibly successful today may be just what the market needs tomorrow. If you are looking at inheriting your families business, it is imperative that you protect the hard work of your father, grandfather-even great-grandfather that they passed on to you. It is your job to protect it first and foremost.

Even if you don’t see yourself as possibly ever needing a prenuptial agreement, you are wrong. You’re pride, honor, respect, whatever it is you are calling it, could cost you more than you ever imagined.

Do you play the lottery? Yes, the chances of winning are less than that of being struck by lightning. But, every week, people are struck by lightning and every week, people win lotteries all around the world. With the ever growing popularity of lotteries, the grand prize pots are getting larger and larger…and one day, it may just happen to you.

Are you good looking? Okay, not many people will say ‘yeah, I’m good looking’ but how do you know that you won’t be walking down the street one day and turn the eye of a casting agent who will fling you into instant stardom? Haven’t you ever noticed how ‘girl and boy next door’ some of the new and upcoming television and movie stars are nowadays?

Okay, so you’ve been singing since you were a little kid and you and your garage band really don’t have any intentions of subscribing to the mega-label style music and becoming anything big. Right. But what if it happened to you? What if someone important hears you at the local bar gig that you and your band does for kicks and decides you are the next Nickleback, Matchbox 20, Dixie Chicks or ACDC? Would you really say no to a multi-million dollar record contract?

It’s sweet that you married your spouse for love. Everyone wishes you all the best and I’m sure your spouse is the wonderful person you think they are. But, things happen. Paths entwine and drift apart, people change and so do circumstances. I know it’s not fun to think about the end of your marriage before you’ve even began, but it is a viable thought to have, and it is one that you should be having. You need to protect your assets, even if you aren’t 100 per cent sure what they are yet. Winning the lottery, coming in to the family business, signing that multi-million dollar record deal…all of these things change people. They change you, they change your spouse. It’s not that all change is bad, but sometimes, the cold hard fact of reality is that change sometimes is bad.

It’s the bad you need to protect yourself from. The bad changes where your spouse wakes up one morning and realizes they could take you to the cleaners and have a better life without you than the one they are having with you. It’s those people, those thoughts and changes in people that you need to protect your known and unknown assets from.

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