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Preparing Your Portable Exhibits To Handle Inclement Weather

If you are setting up your trade show exhibit outside, you are running a risk of encountering bad weather conditions. Virtually every part of the country has some kind of risk, be it high temperatures that can make your staff uncomfortable, or the threat of heavy summer rain. To protect your displays, you can take some simple steps now which will save you time and money down the road.

Protecting Your Trade Show Exhibits From Wind

Wind is perhaps the most common danger concerning owners of portable exhibits. Although wind itself seems to be little challenge, consider how likely you are to encounter it. An entire convention may be moved indoors due to a heat wave or the threat of a storm, but winds are generally unexpected. They can strike during the daytime or at night, and may bring relatively little warning. Finally, they may hit when you have staff at your portable exhibits, making it vital that you keep them protected.

The best way to protect against wind damage is by ensuring that the basic structure of your display is strong. Use sturdy materials which are not too light. If you are particularly concerned about high winds, you have many options to further secure your booth. If you are setting up displays on grass, you may be able to sink some anchors into the ground itself. Check with your organizer before doing anything that might alter the ground you’re renting. You can also use heavy bags of sand or buckets filled with set concrete to ensure that your display is solid.

Keeping Portable Displays Safe From Rain

Apart from wind, the most common type of damage units sustain comes from water. Rain doesn’t generally threaten your display in the same way as wind; it is common for events to be cancelled due to storms, and many events will only be held outdoors in locations where rain is rare. However, even the nicest locations sometimes see rain during the nighttime when the convention is closed. If you choose to leave your trade show exhibits set up, you need to implement a way to protect them.

The most surefire solution to keep portable exhibits out of the rain is to use tarps to cover them. While it is not an ideal solution, making any display fully waterproof would be more trouble than it is worth. Keep tarps on hand to cover your booth quickly if necessary, and ensure that your staff knows how to set them up.

Protect Your Trade Show Exhibit Staff From Heat Exhaustion

Many outdoor conventions are held during the summer. While this minimizes your risk of facing wind or rain, it can be very likely that your staff will face heat exhaustion. There are two main ways you can help keep your staff safe. First, stock your trade show exhibits with bottled water kept cold in a cooler. Refresh the ice every so often to keep the water cold. In addition, try to mount fans in the booth. The cool breeze will help your employees stay cool, and your visitors will appreciate it as well.

When it comes to staying safe in bad weather, being prepared is half the battle. Knowing what types of obstacles you might face is key. Get the right equipment to handle your situations, and your portable exhibits will be safe and usable when the storm passes.

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline, New Jersey trade show exhibit specialists. Skyline produces portable exhibits in New Jersey which are strong and durable, perfect for unpredictable weather.