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Product-Free MLM Programs- A Great Online Investment Opportunity?

If you have been looking online for potential investment opportunities, then you have no doubt come across a great deal of multi level marketing (MLM) scams. These are where companies try to convince you to buy into a product to sell it for them and then they pay out very little, keeping all of the profits for themselves. There are investment opportunities you can invest in that don’t have any products to sell like other MLM programs. They offer to pay their members returns that are made on the MLM investments they make so there is nothing needed on your part aside from money to invest.

At first glance these product free MLM programs might look like a scam in and of itself. However, unlike the typical scam you find online that promises to make you an instant millionaire, these programs do no such thing. There are no promises that you will be a millionaire here. They simply tell you that you can make more money if you are willing to invest more money with them. The system they use is what is known as a forced matrix system. This means that once you buy into the program, you can later on receive referrals to help you build a down-line system without having to go out and do any recruiting.

One of the nice things about most of these types of programs is that you can try it free of charge for the first 21 days, at no cost to you. You should be able to tell if you like the system or if you don’t within the 3 week trial period so that you don’t waste any money on something that you are not satisfied with. If you do decide to invest, most systems are setup so that you pay for the first month and that money will then be invested. Once that is done, you can then go on to make additional income by referring other people who end up investing with the group. In some cases, you can also make additional money by putting some of the money you have earned back into the club for dividend payouts.

Many of these programs tout that they won’t lose any money when you choose to join their investment groups. They claim to absorb the loss themselves if money you invest is put into an investment that turns sour and ends up losing money. So you won’t make any money on the investment should this scenario play out, but you won’t lose anything either.

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