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Public Liability Insurance – An Absolute Must For Any Business

Protecting your self against any business liability should be the first priority when you set up your business as any lapse – intentional or unintentional – can quickly erode your capital and profits should your customers move against you in court.

When you are running a restaurant business, the risks are similar in the sense you are vulnerable to any negative action by your diners and the entire issue could snowball into something very expensive if you do not have the necessary safeguards in place. For instance, you as the entrepreneur and person running the business can be held hostage to claims made by customers, the public, and their possessions during their presence at your restaurant.

Some of the things that can go wrong in terms of public liability risks are things like the waiter inadvertently dropping some sauce on expensive clothing of a customer and the resulting dry washing expenses, one of the visitors to the restaurant having a fall necessitating a prolonged stay in hospital, medical expenses, any legal expenses and so on. The possibilities are many and unless you have equipped yourself with the right public liability insurance cover, you could be staring at huge compensation claims that you may have to cover out of your pocket.

The restaurant public liability insurance is one such recourse you have that can provide you indemnity and protection against any such occurrences. Insurance companies have come out with policies that can provide cover for claims for as much as 5 million pounds. But since there can be instances where the losses could be greater, you might choose to take insurance cover for as high as 10 million pounds.

It is rather sad that people are so unforgiving that they choose to proceed legally for even minor mishaps or accidents. The times we live in are such that legal recourse is easily available to the customer, even though there may be instances where the restaurant in question may not be at fault and the claim may not be entertained or substantiated. However, more than the claim itself, it is the effort, legal expenses and time that you may have to devote in defending yourself, which is the irksome part, not to mention the unwanted publicity that can tarnish the image and brand equity so carefully built up over time.

Restaurant public liability insurance will cover these expenses as well, and that is why it is such an important indemnity instrument you cannot afford to ignore.

Switching businesses is something similar when you talk of a public liability insurance cover for somebody running a beauty parlour. The stakes here are pretty high and though you might feel that it is a small business you are into, there is an urgent need to protect your self adequately against any possible claims that customers may lodge against you for any kind of inadvertent errors occurring during the beauty treatment.

The public liability insurance for a beautician would have to cover both public liability as well as product liability as you will typically be using chemical products and they can have adverse effects on specific customers depending on their skin condition.

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