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Pure Herbal Adaptogens – Used In Asian Cultures For Thousands Of Years To Rejuvenate The Body

Pure herbal adaptogens are organically occurring substances contained in few plants that can assist the body rejuvenate itself. They have been utilised in Asian cultures for thousands of years to protect against strain, fatigue, anxiety and boost immune functioning, having previously been called “rejuvenants”, “tonics”, “qi herbs”, “restoratives”, and “rasayanas” by natural health practitioners all round the world.

Stress is a reality of everyday life for those around the world but particularly so in America. Every day, we are bombarded with stress and pressure from every direction including work, family and the environment. Using pure herbal adaptogens may provide some protection, relief and escape from daily pressures experienced by everyone living in the modern world.

Whilst several herbs may offer beneficial antioxidant and phytonutrient advantages, not all offer the same benefits of pure herbal adaptogens. Actually, nearly 1 million botanical chemicals have been recognized, many of which have healthful advantages, but only thirty have proved to be adaptogens and only few products qualify as pure herbal adaptogens. So as to be classified as an adaptogen, a plant based chemical has to have the following characteristics:

o Its non-toxic to the user
o It produces a non-specific response in the body as increase in stress resistance against stressors such as physical, mental and environmental pressures.
o It has a normalizing influence on body systems including a stabilizing influence on the endocrine system, immune system, cardiovascular system and organs of metabolism such as the liver and kidneys.

Though in use and widely known to be useful for thousands of years, pure herbal adaptogens have proven through modern scientific study began in the 1940s to decrease the burdens that stress of all types exerts on our physiological mechanisms. Pure herbal adaptogens work by promoting “allostasis” which is a return to normalcy. They are agents that can “slow down” or reduce activity an over functioning system like the adrenal glands which are in hyper drive in response to stress creating symptoms such as anxiety, sleeplessness and adrenal burnout. The amazing thing is that pure herbal adaptogens could even “speed up” or increase the activity of biological systems that are under functioning like the immune system which has come under attack from environmental stress.

In essence, pure herbal adaptogens are able to bring many body systems in line with where they should be and assist to maintain normalcy or “homeostasis” in most body systems. When looking into the utilisation of adaptogens, one ought to ensure that a high quality product is bought. A well designed product ought to contain not just a couple of adaptogens, but many to ensure that a wide range of benefits could be obtained to support all body systems.

Tunguska pure herbal adaptogens have a complete blend of 22 of the known adaptogens, making Tunguska the most complete line of pure herbal adaptogens available. It also comes as a convenient mist, extract or fluid form for ease of use.
If you’re experiencing an extraordinary amount of stress – as many are, or if you simply want to protect your body and ensure optimal health and functioning of your immune, endocrine and other body system you can discover the answer in the use of pure herbal adaptogens.

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