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Reason for Ringing in Ears

Tinnitus has become a major problem for many people these days. It can be cumbersome to hear the ringing in ears all the time. Now, tinnitus can arise due to any reason. It can happen when a bomb blasts near the ears of a soldier.

Apart from that, another reason is age. Such noises are a major indication of hearing loss happening in the old age.

Tinnitus happens due to serious health ailments. It can be caused because a person has developed thyroid abnormalities. Even a serious heart ailment can cause pulsatile tinnitus when the sound is heard with every heartbeat.

Most of the times, such sounds can also go away after some time. However, if they do not, a person requires medical help. Since tinnitus patients can also lack sleep due to such prevalent disorder, they suffer from a lack of concentration and heavy fatigue in the day.

Although the noises of tinnitus are produced in our ears, they actually arise in the brain cells. The reasons why brain cells perceive such illusion of sounds when none is being produced are ununderstandable. Tinnitus is just like a continued disorder, which occurs after a person has experienced some shock to the ear.

Ringing in ears can also be produced when some damage is caused inside the ear. Such damage can impair the auditory cortex, which is a brain part that activates sound. Even abnormal communication between the distinct neural circuits can also be a cause of tinnitus.

These communications can also cause other problems besides tinnitus. So, the limbic region of the brain, which controls moods, also gets affected due to this abnormal contact among neural circuits.

One can go to the general physician, once he/she experiences the ringing noise in the ear. This noise can be produced due to the presence of earwax, which must be obtruding the canal. The doctor will also enquire about your general condition to find if any ailment is producing such noise.

Therefore, if a disease is the root cause of tinnitus, the doctor will try to cure it. If it is not, then the doctor will refer you to an ENT who will determine the hearing loss that has been caused by the disorder. An audiologist can also be called for, to find out the level of tinnitus. The doctor may prescribe hearing aids for you if tinnitus is causing a hearing loss.

Since the most common cause of tinnitus, is exposure to loud noises only, it is better to restrict this exposure. Using earplugs is the best way to do so. Wearing them can inhibit the occurrence of this ringing in ears or prevent it from getting severe. The doctor can even advise you to use anti depressants so that your moods are soared and you find it easy to sleep despite the noise.

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