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Reasons to Live in a Mother-In-Law Addition

A mother-in-law suite is a home addition that is like a home within a home. Attached to the main house, it gives mothers-in-law or other extended family members a chance to live close-by without giving up their independence. This is especially important to seniors who have lived in their own home for years and have recently experienced a lifestyle change that requires new living arrangements. There are many reasons a person would be interested in living in a mother-in-law addition. Helping to design and decorate the home addition will make them feel more a welcome part of the project.

Seniors can get lonely living by themselves. Moving into an assisted living facility may provide a number of new friends their own age, but there is little independence. Being close enough to spend time with loved ones as often as they wish is the most positive aspect of in-law suites. In the event that only some family members get along and others don’t, this will give all parties the opportunity for both distance and camaraderie.

One of the drawbacks to owning a home is maintaining it. Mowing the lawn and keeping up the yard takes work or extra money to pay someone else to do it. For seniors, this is a task that will likely not be missed. Having a garden to plant and weed or a nice deck to sit on are still options, but the strain of heavy yard work can be left to the family in the primary portion of the household.

An add-on to existing construction allows for a separate entrance, kitchen, bath, living room and bedroom. For most seniors and singles, this is plenty of room. It prevents them from feeling intruded upon or as if they are underfoot. They can come and go as they please and have plenty of time left over to spend with grandchildren or other family members. They can eat their own meals when they are ready, but someone will be nearby in case they need assistance with shopping or cooking. Those who prefer to eat a meal in a group can do that as well.

Oftentimes the reason someone moves into a mother-in-law suite is to be near family members in case something happens. In the event of a serious health problem or slip-and-fall, someone is nearby to call for help and also assist in the recovery process. Seniors living alone in a rundown neighborhood or several hours away are also a cause for concern for family members. Being right next door means they will be not be living alone or be out of touch.

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