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Reduce Debt and Reduce Stress

Americans have been doing studies for years about the negative effects of stress on the human body. Stress causes the brain to release excess amounts of cortisol into the blood stream which makes us age faster, get sick more often, and have less energy, just to name a few side effects.

Today, one of the top sources of stress is debt. Personal debt combined with constant reminders from the media of the national debt crisis is having a huge and measurable effect on our nation’s health and well-being. Our media has started measuring something that they’ve named the “debt stress index” and doctors have begun treating cases of “debt stress syndrome”. The modern world depends so much on money that there seems to be no real solution to our debt stress problem than to find a way to wait out the storm. We need loans to afford expenses, but loans need to be paid off for banks to afford to give them, and too many people can’t do that. We’ve dug ourselves into a vicious debt-stress cycle that will take some laborious digging to get out of, but it can be done!! And when we do, the burden of debt stress will be nothing but a memory.

There are numerous methods for dealing with stress, but the only way to really solve the debt-related stress problem is to get out of debt. Look for places in your budget to cut back or host a yard sale to scrape up the money to get the ball rolling. The most effective way to stay motivated to get out of debt is to get really excited about it and congratulate yourself for every small victory. Cutting back is hard, each accomplishment is worth celebrating!

If your financial situation can’t be fixed in a few years by snowballing your debt, you might want to look in to debt consolidation or bankruptcy depending on how much you owe. The important thing to remember, regardless of the solution you choose is to not get discouraged. Shame-induced stress is no less healthy than debt-induced stress. There’s nothing wrong with owning your mistakes and starting fresh.

Money is one of the largest sources of stress for millions and millions of people around the world. You are not alone, and your problem is not un-fixable. Debt is a worthy thing to stress over, but when it affects your health, you must take action. Yoga, meditation, and exercise can help you deal with stress, but the only way to fix the problem is to accept it and get rid of the debt.

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