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Remodeling Your Home for the Holidays

As the holidays are rapidly approaching, you may already be beginning to envision and plan your holiday parties and gatherings. Chances are, you are noticing little areas of your home that you wish you could change-an addition here, a little redecorating there, which can help make your home the perfect place for seasonal entertaining.

If this is the case, now is the time to begin your changes! In this article we will discuss different areas and additions to your home you may want to reconsider, to turn your house into a holiday paradise.

Consider changing your kitchen. Being the heart of the American home, few remodels make more sense than a new kitchen.

Even better, there isn’t another room in your house more packed with possibility. Custom cabinetry blends innovative storage solutions and cabinetry design with hand crafted beauty, solid slab granite countertops are guaranteed to stop dinner guests in their tracks, and cutting edge appliances make using a new kitchen a delightful experience.

Throw in new flooring, paint, lighting, and that kitchen island you’ve always dreamed of, and this is one home remodel that’s tough to top. Your kitchen can be a place people will want to gather.

Most people have always dreamed of putting in a romantic hot tub in the backyard to make your dreams of holiday relaxation come true. What are you waiting for-it is the perfect time!

Backyard spas come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from cozy two person models to tubs big enough to hold an entire pool party. And if you’re looking for luxury, there are models out there that incorporate magnetic therapy, massage therapy, flat screen televisions, drink holders, wet bars, and even built-in coolers and grills, all for your hot tubbing pleasure!

Plan a space in the yard which will be private, cozy, and protected for your warm, winter getaway. You will not regret this heavenly addition.

Take a look at that old bathroom. Why let practicality dictate the design for one of the most often used rooms in your home?

Sure, new fixtures, flooring tile, and a good paint job are key to a successful bathroom remodel, but why not consider granite countertops, a solid glass sink, a heated towel warmer, and a luxury shower spa or Jacuzzi tub, to boot? The truth of the matter is that bathroom design is one of the most cutting edge, and exciting, segments of the home improvement industry.

You owe it to yourself to take full advantage of what the world of bathroom design has to offer. Your bathroom can be a relaxing escape for your family, and your guests alike.

No talk of Santa would be complete without mentioning fireplaces. Vented natural gas fireplace inserts are energy efficient, warm, cozy, and can be installed just about anywhere in your home, whether there is a chimney for Santa to squeeze down or not.

And if you’re a stickler for tradition, and the sounds, smells, and warmth of a real wood burning fireplace, there’s no sense in letting a little technology keep you from your dreams. From custom stone hearths, to traditional hardwood mantelpieces, there are plenty of contractors out there who specialize in wood burning fireplace installations as well.

If you want to make your man happy, all you need to say is “home theater.” It’s safe to say that the age of the home theater has arrived.

All you need is a flat screen plasma TV on the wall, surround sound speakers hidden around the room, and a quality receiver to serve as the control center, and presto: you’ve got a movie theater quality viewing experience smack dab in the middle of your own home. And if you’re a tried and true, hard core movie fan, move the entire operation down into the basement where you can install movie theater style seating and an industrial theater style popcorn popper as well.

Last but not least, don’t forget the master bedroom suite-because you deserve a little pampering, too! Since we are talking dream remodels, it seems irresponsible to leave out the Master bedroom suite.

After all, imagine what a walk-in closet, dressing area, and master bath (with Jacuzzi tub, of course), would do for your sleeping area? Now throw in a few creature comforts, like a skylight for watching the moon and the stars pass over, and a fireplace insert in the corner for romantic nights when the kids are at Grandma’s, and even Santa might climb under the covers with you after he finishes his milk and cookies.

As you can see, remodeling in time for the holidays starts now. Give yourself the gift of dream home changes, and throw the Christmas party that will have everyone talking.

Tom Selwick has worked as a general contractor remodeling homes for 27 years and has written hundreds of articles about roofing, awnings, siding, and home remodeling Utah.

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