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Rose Diseases – All You Need To Know

Roses are beautiful plants that many people enjoy growing in their gardens. But, there are some very common types of diseases that face roses no matter what type they are and no matter where they are grown. Identifying these diseases is essential. And, it is also important to do whatever is possible to prevent them from attacking and virtually killing the roses.

Some Rose Diseases You Will Experience

Powdery Mildew is one of the many types that may affect your plants. This condition looks like a white powder that is on the leaves, stems and the buds of your roses. To prevent this from happening, avoid planting roses in shaded areas especially in those areas that dry out slowly in the morning hours. Make sure that the rose has breathing room by keeping surrounding plants pruned.

The Black Spot. Often, you will find black spots on the edges of the leaves and on the stem of your roses. This is a fungus that can do much damage to your precious plant. Leaves will fall off and the plant can become almost bare. Some varieties of roses are less likely to have this happen to them. Make sure that fall leaves have been removed from the locations. Also, water the plants without splashing water on the leaves. Sunny locations can also help the plant to dry out without causing the fungus to grow.

What’s The Color? Rust discoloration can happen to your plants. At least, the color of rust will begin to appear. It can happen to older leaves first and then spread throughout the entire plant. To prevent this condition from striking your roses, keep the leaves dry. When watering, go for the ground around the plant not necessarily the leaves. Water during the day time when there is time for the leaves to dry. Allow for proper air circulation around the plant by keeping surrounding plants pruned properly.

All of these conditions can strike a rose plant. These diseases are in most cases preventable. And, should your rose be affected you can take the necessary steps to repair the conditions and also prevent future outbreaks. The important point to remember is that rose diseases are common but preventable.

Mike Singh is a successful webmaster and publisher of a rose gardening sites. He provides more information about rose types and rose floribunda on his sites.