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Sales Recruitment Agency Opens Up Greater Job Opportunities

Why is this? It is in the interest of any sales recruitment agency to place candidates into sales roles where they succeed. It is a costly exercise to recommend a candidate to a prospective employer only to find that they do not in fact have the desired attributes of a sales person or the skills claimed in the interview process. A good sales recruitment agency will offer prospective employers a probationary period for any new recruit and if that recruit under performs than a new candidate is offered at no additional cost.

As a result of these surveys there are now a limited number of sales recruitment agencies who are starting to offer candidate assessments (tests to determine whether you have the right characteristics for a sales role) and sales training. By offering these additional services the sales recruitment agency can satisfy themselves that not only on the suitability of you as a candidate on a personality basis but also clearly identify your current sales skill levels. The sales recruitment agency avoids unnecessary costs and embarrassment (loss of repeat business) with an employer client by putting itself in a position where it can confidently recommend you for a particular sales role.

As the candidate for the job your confidence is also boosted by the fact that an assessment process has determined your suitability of a sales role and the sales training has meant that your existing sales skills have been enhanced, you go into a job interview knowing you are up-to-date with the latest sales techniques and having undertaken a training course have acquired some additional skills tailored to the prospective employers product of service.

By utilising the services of the sales recruitment agency you have significantly increased your chances of a job offer – you are way ahead of any other candidate who has simply applied online or phoned in to a company in response to a job advertisement.

The thought of undergoing an assessment test may be a little daunting but the reality is quite different. These are well thought out tests which simply necessitate your honest responses and which will put you in good stead going forward with a career in sales. The training courses on offer through a professional and forward thinking sales recruitment agency will allow you to learn the sales process in detail from the initial prospecting for leads, to the closing techniques that deliver the best conversion rates for you.

By taking a training course through a reputable sales recruitment agency you will improve your chances of long term success in any sales career on which embark.

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