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Self-Storage How To’s and Tips

If you are moving, chances are you may be in need of a storage unit. If you have never used a storage unit before, it might be a little confusing as to wear to begin filling it and how.

Also, how to store and pack your things to prepare for storage is another question which often accompanies this quandary. This article will address the answers to these questions, and get you on your way to having an organized, protected storage unit.

Here’s what to consider when you stash your stuff. Storage can be used for many different reasons.

If you’re trying to sell your home you may want to free closets and rooms of extra clutter so that the place shows better. Maybe you have too much furniture for your new home; the kids have moved out but you can’t part with all their childhood memorabilia; you want to store items for different seasons; you have stacks of documents that you need to keep but don’t want them to take up living space.

Here are some of the details to check on when you selecting storage units: what size storage is available, rental cost, access hours, safety from water and heat damage, risk of insect infestation, secure, adequate room for parking, and distance from your car/truck to the unit. Once you’ve located a storage facility, it’s important to plan how best to place your items.

Follow these tips to make your storage experience hassle-free. To begin with, create aisles with box labels facing out.

Next, don’t stack boxes too high so that getting what you need becomes dangerous or overly time consuming. There may come a time when you need to retrieve something out of your unit, and you will not want to dig it out of a ten foot high stack of boxes!

Always make sure that the secure lock on your storage is sturdy. They can be a little different than normal locks, and it is easy to improperly lock them-be extra careful to avoid theft.

Get a contact name at the storage facility. The storage manager may also be helpful in giving you instructions on how to unload your belongings.

Read your agreement for termination and payment regulations. Be sure to ask if they have any access charges-most won’t, but some do, and you will want to know beforehand!

If you are using a professional mover and have some items dropped off at your storage facility directly, make sure boxes are clearly marked to avoid confusion. If you use a professional storage facility (where your things are packed tightly in a crate and loaded in a warehouse) remember that they hold a maximum of 1,100 pounds and often have an access charge.

When it comes to getting ready to store your items, placing items correctly inside your truck will make the ride smoother and unloading a whole lot easier. Here are a few suggestions.

Always load the heaviest items first; this will help keep the truck stable on the road. It is a good idea to store items you’ll use most at the front of the unit where you can get them easily.

And make sure to rent the right sized truck for your journey. Check out our truck rental center for your rental needs.

Load the truck a quarter at a time, packing it tightly from the floor to ceiling. Secure each quarter with rope tied to the tie-down rings.

Place bureaus, large china cabinets, sofas, refrigerators, and other heavy appliances against the front wall of the truck. Use protective covers on sofas and mattresses.

Then load chairs, tables, bookcases and light items towards the back. Stand large, flat items like mirrors, mattresses, box springs and tabletops upright against the truck walls and tie them securely .

Wrap mirrors and pictures with protective pads or use a special mirror carton and store them on end. Make sure to have all of the right packing materials in advance.

Stack lighter boxes on top of bigger, heavier ones. Carry valuable papers and items with you so they are not lost or damaged.

As you can see, there are many things to plan and consider when it comes to moving and storing your items. Follow these simple tips and your valuables are sure to be safe and sound for as long as you need them to be!

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