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Sell Anything To Anyone If You Master This

At the core of all transactions you’ll find this truth to be the foundation.

See for yourself.

Let me start by asking you this. Have ever taken your business from one company and given it to another (which sells the same product or service) because you just didn’t like the person you were dealing with. Have you ever said, “I don’t know what it was about him or her, but I just didn’t like them.” Or, “I just don’t trust him or her.” Or, better yet, “I don’t even know them.”

If you’ve ever said these phrases, as I suspect we all have, then you know E-X-A-C-T-LY how important it is to do business with someone you know, like and trust!!

In the beginning of any of my businesses, I knew people would do business with me if they only knew me. I also knew that once they got to know me, eventually they would like me, and more importantly trust me. Then I would be able to conduct business with them for years to come.

The same will be true for anyone selling anything.

Think about it for a second. The instant someone starts to trust you, you sense it don’t you? After that trust is established, moving forward becomes easier doesn’t it? It can be with a friend, a loved one, or in business. And it’s peculiar because you can’t really pinpoint trust; you just know it’s been verified.

Stop for a minute and think of one person you trust completely. Can you explain why you trust him or her? It’s hard to put into words isn’t it? I know it is for me.

There is nothing more powerful than trust. Nothing.

On the other hand, we’ve all decided not to buy from a
Salesperson because something just didn’t feel right. Maybe we suspected they weren’t telling us the truth, or the salesperson was side stepping our questions.

When we sense deception or distrust, a very powerful alert mechanism is somehow automatically triggered in our innermost being. We don’t think about it, it instinctively happens. It’s built into us. It’s as automatic as gravity. And, if we fail to yield to this built in INSTANT-WARNING-DANGER-ALERT REACTION, we will remain unsettled and uncomfortable regarding our decision.

Do you know WHY businesses repeatedly advertise and market to people? They’re attempting to establish trust and likeability by continually placing their advertisements in front of them.

That’s why repetition, repetition, repetition is so vital in marketing and advertising to people. It helps people develop awareness, which in turn psychologically establishes trust.

It doesn’t matter how many books you’ve read on selling, marketing, advertising, or prospecting, the most important reason why people BUY is – they liked, and or trusted the individual that was selling.

At the core of all transactions you’ll find this truth to be the foundation.

You’ll find your presentations, quotes, bids, estimates, prospecting, and selling easier if you will seek out those who already know, like and trust you.


Sell Anything To Anyone If You Master This!

Scott Rauber
Author, Speaker – How To Find Prospects Using Little or NO Money