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Water damage is caused by several factors, including floods, explosion or leaky pipes, fire hoses, and regular moisture. Water damage is usually very serious consequences, because every aspect of your home. It can rot wood floor, furniture and walls. It can rust steel and other items made of metal. It can de-laminate plywood. It can completely destroy important documents, family photos and memorabilia.

To protect your home from water damage, you must first understand the different types of water and damage it can cause. Three classifications of water, that causes damage are clean, gray and black.

This type of water damage, no danger to human health and is really just incredibly annoying. Crowded sink or tub or leaky devices are an example of pure water damage. Gray water This type refers to water, which contains degrees of chemical, biological or physical contaminants. This can lead to disease in humans and animals if consumed or exposed. Toilet bowls, dishwashers and washing machines leaks are the most common types of domestic wastewater.

This classification contains highly unsanitary agents such as bacteria and fungi, which can lead to serious illness. This classification is the most rare and comes mainly from sewage, seawater, and contaminated river or stream water.

Water damage restoration techniques vary greatly depending on the classification of water resources. It is important to know that the classification of water you’re dealing with before attempting any restoration projects. If you suspect that the water will be either gray or black classification, contact the State Environmental Protection Administration, or in the water of the Bureau to your home evaluated.

There are primarily two good techniques used to restore the water damaged materials (documents, photographs, books, etc.).

This recovery process removes moisture from the air and quickly and safely, effectively recycling important documents and helps prevent mold growth. This process involves drying the air around the damaged documents or personal belongings, allowing water molecules trapped in the damaged items to escape into the air. Desiccant dehumidification is a great option restore some services through document processing. This is especially beneficial for businesses and government agencies, since the process allows to obtain documents that will be available for use throughout the process should the need arise.

This process is best for books, binders, and any related printed products. Freeze drying and restoration north Hollywood on a similar premise as dehumidification but contained in the chamber and at much lower temperatures. If you can find a service that offers vacuum freeze-drying process, as it will not Warp through the regular freeze-drying can.

Time is of considerable importance when it comes to water damage. Run the recovery process of your assets as soon as possible will increase the likelihood that objects can be restored to working condition. In addition, the form can quickly become a secondary effect of water damage if the time missed. To move more quickly after a flood or other water damage, have a contingency plan in place ahead of time.

Water damage has the potential for loss of business or home. Pre-planning and education, combined with quick, properly equipped team repair the damage may become a decisive factor in your life returning to normal life.

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