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Sleep Well With Blackout & Insulated Drapery

There are times when you want to give your room a ‘blackout’ look. This can be for any purpose, party, disco or personal entertainment. A Blackout Drapery kit would help you create Nature’s perfect environment for sleep Day or Night. “Blackout” drapery liner helps you to create a perfect night time environment anytime of day whether you do shifty work and sleep during day light hours or simply need to shut out extra outside light at night. A Blackout Drapery kit solves all your above – mentioned purposes efficiently. These are heavy duty drapes that reduces noise, and cold. These drapes are available with magnetic closure seals that can be patented tightly to prevent gaps when closed. You must place blackout drapes behind your existing window curtains using your existing drapery rod. It is very easy to install and the installation does not require any tools. Black out drapery kit includes two blackout liners, two magnetic strips and drapery hooks. Blackout drapes are very essential to maintain privacy in your rooms. There are times when you want to seclude yourself from the hustle-bustle of life and keep yourself from the noise outside. Opt for a Blackout drapery kit and give sometime for yourself in seclusion.

Insulated Drapery:

Want to make your room look beautiful and stylish, go for drapery. Drapes give your home, that much desired comfortable and rich look. This is not all. Drapes also serve the purpose of shielding against heat loss and keeping your home warm on the inside.

The Category of insulated drapes would be an ideal choice to decorate your home as well as to prevent the cool chill air entering the room.

How is it possible? Once you adorn your windows with Insulated drapery, you can rest assured and have a sound sleep. The process of house warming starts as soon as you embellish your windows with this drapery. When the cool air enters the window, it is obstructed by the insulated curtains and fall to the floor. This is followed by the warm air entering from above, cooling down and falling in to the floor. This process allows the uniform mixing of air in the room as the cool air is obstructed, thereby reducing heat loss. In the absence of the curtains, the heat loss would be increased, as the cool air would swiftly move in. The amount of heat loss can differ wim the type of drape, its thickness and the gap existing between the drapes and the window wall.

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